Make visible the essential.

At Quark, we have made storage a religion. We start from the fundamental principle that space is made to live, not to be filled. Our lethal weapon: modularity.

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  • 100% French manufacturing

    The Quark workshop is located in Paris 19th. We manufacture all our products there

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    A Virtuous Ecosystem

    Quark forges links with all the players promoting the emergence of local manufacturing . Find out more

Tidying up while having fun

How to store and organize a space? This is the question we ask ourselves every day at Quark.

We develop products that are simple and easy to use on a daily basis. Our goal: to reinvent storage solutions to save you time every day.

Porte-manteau A-L-A-M-A-N-O bois, Superorganic® et impression 3D - Pegboard - Quark - ALAMANO1 - 1

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