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At Quark we have two passions : storage and modular design . Well, maybe we have a third passion: furniture making. This is another story and I suggest you move on to the question of the day. How can you arrange a store elegantly ?

Many customers who contact us about their store layout. They therefore need simple and effective storage. The questions that come up most often are:

  • Does the Pegboard support significant loads ?
  • Can I put shoes on a Pegboard?
  • Can you use pegboard to attach clothes ?
  • Do you have accessories to showcase my products on a Pegboard ?
Pegboard in Store

The history of the Pegboard

If we look back a little, History tells us that the Pegboard is a product invented for tidying up. This is a product that was created in 1962 in the United States to organize and tidy stores. The ultimate goal of the Pegboard is to simplify the daily life of your teams in your store. It is therefore the ideal solution for arranging a store in an elegant way. Each store has its constraints according to its field of activity, according to the seasons of the year and the size of the products in stock. You must therefore constantly rethink the organization of your store.

Arrange a store with a Pegboard

Arrange a store elegantly with the Pegboard

The Pegboard then becomes an effective way to dress up your store. You can arrange a store elegantly and thus creating a scalable presentation solution . The goal that comes up most often is adaptability. You are looking for a solution capable of adapting to the size of your products in seconds. This is why we offer modular storage solutions.

A Pegboard is a wall shelf. You can put 20 kg on a 48 x 48 cm Pegboard. So you no longer have to worry about the payload that you can attach to your Pegboards. It is all the more a resistant product, made of work plywood or Valchromat for the colored versions. These woods therefore offer some of the best mechanical properties on the market. This is also one of the reasons that pushed us to select them for our Pegboard range.

The Quark Pegboard for our customers

Finally, I invite you to discover the Maif Social Club and its Pegboard system to arrange their store. The goal is to create a solution that is striking and pleasing to the eye. Perforated panels allow you to present numerous partner brands. This is the ideal solution to give space to each of the companies highlighted.

Maif Social Club Pegboard

Set up a mobile store

At Quark we love crazy projects. I now present to you the itinerant created by Hors Pistes Design. This is a studio based in Chamonix. The project was initiated by the Métropole de Lyon as part of mediation around compost and sorting. The itinerant is therefore an object made from a compost bin and Quark Pegboards. It is therefore natural that the team chose valchromat . So you will have understood, this material has the advantage of being water resistant. In conclusion, it is a wise choice for an object that will be regularly exposed to water or humidity.
design a traveling store by Hors Pistes Design
Another atmosphere at Coco Friendly in Lille. This is a women's clothing boutique with a commitment to ethical fashion. The owner wanted to optimize and arrange a store in an elegant way . We are very happy with this collaboration. Juliette selected 4 Pegboards in 96 x 48 cm to equip a space above a niche dedicated to backpacks. I'll let you discover the result here 👇. The double advantage of the Pegboard is that it decorates the space while offering a solution that will easily adapt to all future products that arrive in the store.
Pegboard at Coco Friendly: Ethical fashion

Decorate a store with a rainbow

You may have seen the main image of this post? This time it's a giant Pegboard in the shape of a rainbow. The Pegboard is an object that can take multiple forms . So if you want to create something unique we will be happy to support you. For example, Quark 's Pegboard rainbow measures 3 meters by 3 meters. This giant Pegboard is made up of 36 different pieces of wood to create its arc shape. I suggest you watch the manufacturing video here:
If you want to arrange a store in an elegant way , we will be happy to assist you! At Quark we respond quickly. Our strength is support. We can co-build your project with you and thus imagine a layout that reflects your image. The ideal is to create with you the most relevant configuration to meet your needs.
Thank you for reading and do not hesitate to contact us for a quote request:
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  • or by telephone.
See you soon
The Quark team
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