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The circular economy at the Maison et Objet fair

The circular economy will be present at the show Maison et Objet this year! Furniture made in circular economy will be strongly represented there thanks to the work of the association Les Canaux. Many companies have been involved in the Booster Circulaire #2 program for 18 months. Discover this project and come and meet Quark for this new edition of Maison et Objet.

The circular economy in the age of sobriety

We don't realize that every year in France 63 thousand tons of office furniture are put on the market. Or 1.48 times the weight of the Charles-de-Gaulle aircraft carrier. Compare this to the 93 thousand tonnes of office furniture that is thrown away every year. Fortunately, some actors are mobilizing to change the situation. This source of raw material can be reused. It has a cost so let's not forget that in our future projects. We need to reinvent our way of thinking and the production models we develop. I do not hide from you that the work promises to be long and difficult.

The association Les Canaux is mobilizing with its brilliant team to share the principles of the circular economy with professionals.

Pegboard de Quark en économie circulaire

Quark will be present at Maison et Objet

I am pleased to inform you that Quark will be present alongside the association Les Canaux during the show Maison et Objet, from September 8 to 12, 2022 in Paris. We will be on stand J66 & 70 with the 18 companies supported during of the Booster Circular #2 program.

During 18 months, we were 18 structures throughout the national territory to be supported by Les Canaux and its network of experts. We have worked on all stages in the life of a piece of furniture, from prototyping to marketing, with the concern the circular economy and its challenges. The work carried out by these companies has made it possible to bring out a range of furniture mass-produced from materials resulting from reuse or re-use.

Circular Economy and Valdelia

In France, there is an eco-organisation called Valdélia. Their mission? Guarantee a second life for the products collected. Valdélia works in the field of furniture, building and certain textile sectors.

Valdélia allows companies to recycle their used professional furniture. This is a tailor-made solution to collect and recycle their used furniture. Processing is free and collection is organized within 48 hours from collection points throughout France.

Schema Valdelia Collecte

If you have offices to donate or professional furniture that must end up on the sidewalk: you now know that Valdélia exists! No more excuses: you can easily participate in the circular economy.

Which furniture to make in circular economy

This is the big question related to the circular economy. How can we identify deposits of materials, then valorize them in order to manufacture new objects? Harvesting is one thing, but what do we do with all that stuff? What can we make from old office furniture? Quark offers you the beginning of an answer. Discover the perforated panel with a thousand uses. This is a Circular Economy Pegboard made by Quark.

Pegboard en economie circulaire par Quark

Quark's Multipurpose Pegboard brings a breath of creativity to business premises and workspaces. Two multifunction models are available: a version wall-mounted version and a freestanding version on wheels.

You can mount your Thousand Uses Pegboard to the wall. It will therefore meet all office storage needs: card holder, document storage, pencil holders, Kanban, wall shelves, coat racks or even a green wall. In its freestanding and mobile version, this Pegboard becomes the ideal tool for carrying out visual management (signage, communication), fulfilling marketing functions (commercial display , label holders) or even structure the space as a room divider. It also finds its place in spaces of creativity and conviviality thanks to its set of game accessories: marble run, throwing rings, PixelArt.

Balles de golf recyclées par Quark -  économie circulaire

If you would like to discover this project, don't hesitate to visit us at the Maison et Objet show stand J66 & 70

See you soon

The Quarkos

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