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How to make a plant wall shelf? Discover the best solutions using Pegboard

How to make a plant wall shelf? Discover the best solutions to decorate your interior, thanks to the Pegboard.

The Pegboard is the perfect item to fulfill this need. It can come from a local production industry using entirely recyclable wood. More than an ecological trend, it is an undeniable asset for your interior decoration.

5 decorative ideas with a wooden plant wall shelf

You got it right, the Pegboard is the trendy and durable solution for creating a wooden wall shelf at home.

The uses are multiple and we are going to stimulate your creativity with you. Then, we count on you to share your creations with us. Let's discover these 5 decoration ideas together!

The wooden wall shelf as an interior green wall

Venez végétaliser votre coin bureau en créant un pegboard sur lequel on vient fixer une ou plusieurs plantes grimpantes

We love green plants! Besides, we have a great address to advise you on to order your flowers: https://desireefleurs. fr/ (feel free to come from us).

But if you want to let a plant unfold over time, we're thinking in particular of a climbing plant, then you're ready for the indoor green wall. All you need is a Pegboard with several shelves and some water reservoir flower pots (as we like them at Quark). And voila ! The advantage of the Pegboard is that it fixes to the wall and takes up very little space.

The wooden wall shelf for your kitchen space

If there is a place where we are always picking up, picking up, putting down, moving objects: it is clearly in our kitchen!

So make way for a wooden wall shelf to organize all that and give your decor a boost. Of the kitchen.

I let you discover these images, and if you need an accessory, do not hesitate to contact us. We can launch a series for you! (Bonus, if you have a good idea, we'll be happy to name this series after your first name)

pegboard dans la cuisine pour mettre les ustensiles

The wooden wall shelf for creative hobbies

This is really where we expect the Pegboard the most. But no pressure, the Quark System is constantly adapting and that is why we are presenting this option to you!

If you like creative hobbies and you have dedicated a space in your home for this practice, then you have necessarily met the need for a wooden wall shelf, dedicated to your creative practice. Now let your imagination run wild.

IKEA SKADIS pegboard holding craft supplies

The creative wooden wall shelf by Quark

Wooden vegetable wall shelf in the hallway

Here is the classic for our Quark System. So we all go home. But sometimes we have our arms full. At least we have our keys in hand. Sometimes we are fully equipped to resist the battlefield that awaits us outside. So what could be better than a wooden wall shelf to lay down your arms and create a decompression chamber before returning to your private space?

Fabriquer un panneau perforé pour garder son entrée en ordre. | 33 projets de bricolage pour les personnes qui ont du goût

The entrance is the strategic location par excellence. With a little organization and a wooden wall shelf for example, it's the best way to remember your sunglasses or your scarf before leaving the house.

Peg-it-all Pegboard : Wall-mounted Storage Panel in birch plywood – Kreisdesign

Minimalist wooden wall shelf

Block Design Grey Pegboard Small

The Pegboard is revealed in minimalism to make a vegetal wall shelf Marie Kondo style, yes, we often mention it, but we love it! So we don't do it again😄. You can therefore choose to install only one object there, to highlight and sublimate it. It is therefore a choice shock decoration © (registered expression). And you can always change the use of your wooden wall shelf as soon as it pleases you!

The studios are yours!

So have fun! Do you finally want to bring nature into your home? NDon't forget to share your creations with us! You can send them to us by email at contact@get-quark. com or by instagram @get. quark

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See you soon Quarkos!

The Quark Team

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