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Hakuyo Miya: Meet the rising star of Parisian fashion

Today we were in Paris in the studio of Hakuyo Miya, the rising star of Parisian fashion.

Discover Parisian creativity

We are happy to share with you the universe of Hakuyo Miya. He is a fashion designer who has been living in Paris for 13 years. He discovered the world of fashion since his childhood and chose to settle in Paris to be at the heart of creation and style. There is clearly a Parisian creativity, a particular energy that feeds it.

Hakuyo Miya is now equipped with a birch pegboard in his Parisian workshop, based in Belleville. This wall shelf allows him to present all of his work equipment when he is behind his sewing machine. This work accessory is both decorative and utilitarian. It is a design object, perfectly embodying this balance between style and use.

Finding your artistic style

Hakuyo Miya has developed his style through his influences. His parents are Japanese and have frequented Eastern Europe a lot.

Then Hakuyo Miya settled in France, in Paris, in the Belleville district. He cultivates a singular view of the world. It is for him, to tame the dynamism of the city, the appeasement of the meeting with the other, and the atypical style specific to haute couture.


An encounter in pictures

We are happy to share with you an encounter in pictures where you can discover the rising star of Parisian fashion, Hakuyo Miya. You can discover his workshop, his way of working, his influences and his taste for lace. He cultivates a unique perspective on our society and we are happy to have been able to share this exclusive moment with him.

Hakuyo Miya Paris | Mode femme éthique & durable

Feel free to contact Hakuyo Miya directly:


23 Rue Ramponeau, 75020 Paris

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