Decoration meeting #7: Meeting with Carine, passionate about Decoration

Rencontre Déco #7 : Rencontre avec Carine, passionnée de Décoration - Quark

Carine. First of all, thank you very much for opening the doors of your “home sweet home” to us. You are the commercial director of a famous organic group. But you are also a decoration enthusiast. Every detail in your home is particularly thought out, thoughtful, inspired. And one really has the impression when entering your home of entering the pages of a magazine and at the same time, it is unique because there are objects that one does not see anywhere else.


How did this passion for decoration come to you?

There were two triggers. The first is related to my first job for an advertising agency. We were always looking for the Beautiful . We had to study the smallest detail, weigh each word, study the layouts, choose the pantone with particular attention. We played with the words but especially with the aesthetics, the visual where everything had been scrutinized .

The second trigger came from the decoration magazines that I leaf through and leaf through regularly. I keep them all and I must admit that it inspires me a lot. Afterwards, the accelerator was a visit to the Salon Maison et Objet. At the time, I was still working in advertising for a manufacturer of garden furniture. And there, I discovered a world that I did not know, a universe of forms and materials which really sharpened my curiosity. This fair gave me an opening that I had not been educated in at all. The living room is made up of several modules and the one that really struck me brought together furniture designers; Italian, Belgian, French. I then turned to much more advanced magazines like AD or Ideat. And the passion was born!


This passion, how do you live it?

We bought a house at the foot of the Sainte Victoire for which we kept only the walls and completely redesigned the interior volumes. And a few months before the purchase of this house, I had seen an article in Coté Sud which had really marked me and I was inspired by it. Our budget was limited, but I had however made three wishes, three desires for which we had decided not to compromise: polished concrete, a large opening with bay windows and a swimming pool at house level so that it would be an integral part decor. I am also lucky to have a husband who fully shares my tastes and who follows me in my ideas.


We also have a house on Ile de Ré which we have completely renovated and transformed. The two decorations have nothing to do with each other, but it's a real pleasure to bring them to life.

Decorating is a complex process that cannot be reduced simply to an object or just a “deco”. On the contrary, it is an arrangement, a choice of matter, of materials. This can go through tapestry, paint, porcelain, furniture. But above all, it takes time. I always advance step by step in a step by step approach. It is a maturing process. When I need an item, I take the time to find the right item. It can take several months sometimes. I also go around a lot in decoration stores. I have very heterogeneous tastes.

I also like to hunt a lot. The flea markets of Ile sur la Sorgue are magical places where you can find unique objects.

What is going to be the most important in a house in terms of decoration?

Light fixtures and seats without hesitation. You take an empty room and put a light fixture and a chair in it and the style is there. You take the same room with a table and some frames and the painting will be quite different. There will be fewer tones.


The most important thing are the lights, not to mention that you can play with shapes, sizes, atmospheres; floor lamps, suspensions, lamps, sconces, ...

What do you expect from the decoration? What do you think it can be used for?

There is no idea of ​​beauty, it's completely personal. On the other hand, the important thing is to feel good in your home, good and inspired. And I will go even further by saying that it gives me emotions. A place, a decor, a beautiful object, it will really move me.


What people or styles inspire you?

Under construction, Tadao Ando who plays with concrete and glass in a rather contemporary style.


I also really like “Petite Friture”, Kartell and Bertoya. Eames, Christian Werner and of course Gae Aulenti and his wheeled coffee table. And finally, Patricia Urquiola, a must in this universe, hyper trendy whose work I really appreciate.

The answer to this question may be difficult. If you had to choose just one, which decorative object occupies a special place in your interior?

My first reaction: a light from Maison Vibia, a Spanish house that makes extremely refined and contemporary lights and that I patiently chose, waited for and for which I saved a long time! Because as I said in terms of decoration, it takes time and a little bit of money too anyway, it must be recognized. But after reflection, I would rather choose a vintage object: a small “art deco” clock lamp from the 1930s, an object that is impossible to find and which therefore has real sentimental value.


What are your latest musical favourites?

“A girl from Ipanema” by Astrud, a real favorite!

In the kitchen, what is your favorite dish?

An Italian dish due to my origins “la pasta al ragu”. Pasta and a bolognese type meat sauce but much superior with very finely cut vegetables.

A website to share?

I have little time with a very demanding job but Pinterest inspires me a lot. And especially Instagram on which I confess, I go three times a day. This is my little daily recreation and gives me lots of ideas.

Interview by Edith SELLIER PASCAL

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