Marble course: make room for the child who lives in you

Parcours de billes : faites place à l'enfant qui vit en vous - Quark

Discover the marble run, a fun and creative activity for all ages!

Marble Run

The marble run is an activity which consists of creating a course to roll marbles. The marbles are usually made of glass, but can also be made of wood or metal. The course can be created from different materials, such as plastic tubes, wooden ramps or metal pipes.

The goal is to create an interesting and challenging course for the marbles, using different elements to change their trajectory, speed and direction. The courses can be simple or complex, depending on the age and experience of the players.

The Quark Ball: A marble run for Pegboard

The marble run: an easy circuit

A quick definition to start: marble running is a game where the objective is to build a vertical path for your marble. You will place a ball at the top of the course to make it arrive at its arrival point. Simple. Basic.

Simple ? Not so fast! You will take risks and gradually increase the complexity of your courses. Be careful, you may lose your Dad for many hours... But surely some will be delighted to have some free time? And some will be happy to avoid the fifteen minutes “tidy your room! ”...

How to create your course? Nothing could be simpler: at Quark we offer several accessories to create an infinite number of marble runs. I suggest you discover the accessories of the marble circuit together. This is where it all begins !

A stainless steel ball for maximum quality

The marble run begins with a marble . At Quark, we have selected the highest quality ball on the market. These are industrial quality balls: a stainless steel ball. It is an object that will resist time. Its weight is ideal for gaining speed and creating great experiences on your course. The speed of your ball is crucial to creating intense experiences. You can take risks and make your marble fly. Be careful, we will find out what happens next.

marble run on Pegboard

The linear rail of the marble run

The stainless steel ball moves using linear rails . At Quark we use 3D printing to create resistant and unique objects. Each of our kits contains several sizes of linear rails. Your ball can roll on the rail: simple, it's a guide. But you can also use your rail as a surface on which to bounce your ball. You can also create a vertical guide by placing two rails against each other. You see, creativity is kicking in and you already want to take the Quark Ball in your hands!

The arrival

Now that you have the basics of the marble course, you can imagine that you have to celebrate a victory to give meaning to this game. So to validate your course, your marble must pass a finish line . This is exactly the function that the object performs: arrival. Beware of cheaters! A ball that touches the finishing point but comes out is not a victory approved by the federation. We see you 👀

Marble Run

The U-turn

Be careful, things are starting to get tough here. Your ball wanders along the rails, it can jump and take some risks. You will now have to master it. Control your speed and make a U-turn. It’s an inspiring movement to watch. And it is also a practical accessory to control the size of your marble course. Then... 🤔Let's face it...🫢 It's super stylish 😎 .

marble run: The half turn

The paddle wheel, a key accessory of the marble course on Pegboard

The paddle wheel is the fun little accessory that gives color and rhythm. You will give a little extra soul to your marble run. This accessory gives you the opportunity to add color to your Quark Ball. You will now pay attention to your construction and you will try to get your marble through increasingly improbable places. All this to see your wheel turn. Naughty! 😏

Quark's water wheel: marble run

The whirlwind

You are already fascinated by your paddle wheel. Wait until you discover the whirlwind ! This is an accessory that takes its time. If you choose to pass your marble through a whirlwind it is because you like to observe. Your ball will spin for a few moments then end up falling into the central hole of the piece. We have developed a small accessory to recover the ball below the tourbillon. This last crossing point will allow you to bring the ball back towards the main plane of the course. Nice, right? 🤗

Quark Ball Troublemaker

The waterfall

I saved the best for last! Warning the eyes ! The waterfall is an extreme accessory. I agree that it takes a little time to install the waterfall. But when you discover how it works you will immediately be hooked. The waterfall is a series of paddle wheels . Your ball will move according to the forces exerted on its path. All the water wheels touch each other in the waterfall. So as soon as a ball passes, it triggers numerous mechanisms. It makes a bit of noise so avoid this accessory in the middle of the night. Your wife or even your children will fall on you at breakfast otherwise 🥵.

Physics for Bacs C

The youngest, the C baccalaureate will not speak to you. But if your Dad passed his Baccalaureate before 1993, then he knows. The Quark Ball is an ideal Father's Day gift because it's a way to go back to school. But I promise there won't be any bad grades here. Positive education has taken over in 2020. You are now free to learn at your own pace. Quark has your back! 💪🏽

Now that you know all the Quark accessories you think back to your physics lessons and you say to yourself that it would have been easier to learn about gravity in class if you had had practical work with a Quark Ball wall. I thought about this. If this is also your case, we can create a WhatsApp group to talk about it with all the Quarkos. 😇

The marble circuit for dummies

If your dad skipped his high school physics class then he needs some remedial classes. It doesn't matter, we don't judge you here. If your dad was at the back of the class and preferred guitar to Einstein and magic cigarettes to integrals 🤨, then he needs your help.

For Father's Day you have the opportunity to give him a gift that is out of the ordinary. The marble run will take your father back to his childhood and give him a taste for physics. I promise, he’ll get there! This game is really powerful because it is simple and provides a lot of fun. You manipulate objects and try multiple combinations. You learn at your own pace and that's really the strength of a game that will stay with you for a long time. So don’t hesitate to talk about it to those around you. 😋

A gift Made in France

You may know Quark. But if this is not the case, Quark is a workshop for creating modular furniture . Our religion is tidying up. What we like is to give a place to everyday objects while finding a certain pleasure in them. Objects must fulfill a specific function. But when this function no longer has any reason to exist, then modularity becomes an incredible asset for creating durable objects. Thanks to modularity, an object can find a new function. This is how Quark was born. 😆

A philosophy

Now that you've discovered Quark, you know more about our philosophy. Quark is also a production workshop in Paris 19th. All our objects are made in our workshop by our little hands 🖐🏾 . Those who are currently typing these words. And who are not making objects as I speak to you. But this is another story.

The Quark Ball is a gift Made in France 🇫🇷 . All the objects in this marble run are made in our workshop. Apart from the steel balls that we buy from our supplier in Germany 🇩🇪.

3D parts

The pieces of our marble run are 3D printed. We can then choose colors and mix them. The strength of 3D printing is to produce on demand. So we can cater to all your whims 😈. Do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have a particular request, we will always be available for you Quarkos! 🤝

Local production values

Thanks to new additive and digitally controlled manufacturing technologies, Quark has developed a new method of local manufacturing in a small 100m2 workshop in the 19th arrondissement of 📍Paris. When you join the Quark universe you become a Quarkos. Choosing the Quark Ball means becoming a Quarkos and choosing local production.

But why is it so important? Local production helps reduce the environmental impact 🌳 of your purchase. Indeed, the carbon footprint is smaller when you consume French products. And all this concerns all the products around you. From your food to your bed to your refrigerator.

A know-how

In addition, local production represents unique know-how. France is a country recognized for its historical know-how. In addition, it creates jobs and promotes artisanal and industrial activity in our country. Finally, local production guarantees certain quality. French standards are not strict just to annoy businesses. This is a guarantee of quality for the end customer.

No more mass production and gifts 🎁 that look the same. Room for creation and production on demand. If you want a kit in a unique color, you can contact us directly. We will work with you to find the most relevant color for your project and we will launch production just for you at no additional cost. 🤑

With the marble run, take back control

You now have a creative and effective solution for making a historic Father's Day gift . I think you're going to spend some family time around the Quark Ball. What if you organize competitions? The person who creates the most complex course, the person who goes the fastest? And the person who loses does the dishes 🍽! It's nice, isn't it? And then it resolves the conflicts of household chores... We are persuasive, don't you think? 🫶🏿 You will regain control of physics while having a unique story to tell.

Creativity is part of the marble run game. Indeed, at Quark we are convinced that there is no age limit for playing and even less for creating. Why stop dreaming 💭? To imagine? To hate ? There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the passion of a child in the eyes of an adult. And there is nothing sadder than seeing an adult who has lost his childish soul. So why deprive yourself ? Have fun, test, imagine, dream. For us it's the dinosaurs 🦖 that make us dream. This is why we developed the Quarkosaurus or our T-REX Puzzles.

An evolving gift

In summary, the marble run is a fun and creative activity that can be enjoyed by all ages. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you can have fun creating and rolling marbles through fascinating and challenging courses. So, what are you waiting for to get started in this exciting activity?

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