Discover the world of Pegboard Made in France with Quark

Découvrez l'univers du Pegboard Made in France avec Quark - Quark

Welcome to the world of Pegboard ! There are Pegboards Made in France and we are going to introduce you to the company Quark, a small Pegboard producer.

The adventure of Pegboard Made in France, the modular wall shelf begins here ☀️. Before telling you more, I prefer to share an image with you to show you a wooden Pegboard .

Pegboard Made in France by Quark

Example of a Pegboard Made in France, manufactured by Quark

The Quark Adventure

My name is Roman and I am an engineer passionate about woodworking . I have been transforming wood into decorative objects for several years now.

Roman, founder of Quark

I have a lot of tools in my workshop and storage is a really important topic for me. Staying organized is essential . I realized that many other people were going through the same issues as me regarding this subject.

I use a visual storage technique in my workshop called Pebboard . It is a designer and modular wall shelf .

Pixel Board - Constellation - Quark

Looking at my workshop, I wondered if it was possible to create a storage solution that was both decorative and practical. A solution that would encourage minimalism, for example, and selection. Because choosing the essential means unloading what is weighing us down and finding a form of inner well-being (I invite you to discover Marie Kondo on this subject ❤).

This is how I wanted to share the Pegboard . It is a wooden plate, pierced at regular intervals, onto which several accessories can then be inserted. This way, everyone can store, organize, and create according to their desires. In fact, everyone needs a designer wall shelf at home 😄.

Wooden Pegboard - Quark

The range of possibilities is incredible

So I invite you to discover what I have been able to imagine so far. And above all, I invite you to imagine what you could do with a Pegboard at home?

If you imagine uses , do not hesitate to share your ideas with me at the bottom of this blog article. I will be happy to answer you and share with you the rest of this adventure!


Thank you for taking the time to read me so far and enjoy discovering Pegboards Made in France by Quark

Pixel Board - Smiley - Quark

If you are interested in a collaboration, we are always open to meetings. We like to share our work and we think that we can go further together. So write to us!

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See you soon

The Quark team

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