Qu'est-ce qu'un biseau et quelle est la différence entre un Pegboard avec et sans biseaux ? - Quark

What is a bevel and what is the difference between a pegboard with and without bevels?

What is a bevel? At Quark we offer Pegboards in all sizes and colors. We suggest you add bevels to your wooden Pegboards. But what is this operation? What is the difference between a Pegboard with bevels and a Pegboard without bevels?
Pegboard avec ou sans biseaux

The bevel will not change the overall thickness of the panel. This only changes the thickness of the Pegboard on its edges.

What is a bevel in carpentry?

A bevel is an angular cut made in the direction of the grain of a piece of wood. In carpentry, a bevel is often used to create a joint between two pieces of wood or to shape the edge of a piece of wood. Bevels can be created using a variety of tools, including planes, wood chisels, and power saws. They are an important aspect of many woodworking projects and are used to create a variety of different shapes and profiles.

Why do we offer a bevel?

At Quark we find that the bevel adds style to your Pegboards. Depending on the use and position of your future Pegboard, we find that the bevel gives a little weightlessness to your Pegboard. It is simply for this reason that we have chosen this option on our standard Pegboards. Now you are free to make this choice for your custom Pegboards.

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