The ecological wooden Christmas tree by Quark

Le Sapin de Noël en bois écologique par Quark - Quark

Christmas is approaching and it's the time when we wonder about the decorations to put up at home to create a warm atmosphere at home. But this year we cannot ignore the many challenges facing the world. So in the middle of COP27, after the megafires, inflation and difficulties in accessing raw materials... This is why we find it difficult to take a position. However, we are looking for solutions to renew our know-how and adapt it to a more sustainable mode of production. This is why we offer you the ecological wooden Christmas tree.

The large ecological wooden Christmas tree

The circular economy at Quark

We have been working on the challenges of the circular economy since our beginnings. The objective is therefore to identify used resources and then give them a second life. We made Pegboards from old desks sent to waste.

In September, we carried out a project for the Ovaom company and the La Gaité Lyrique cultural center. Ovaom has thus sourced reused materials to manufacture its future Pegboard objects. The arts reserve in Pantin is a place for circular and united creation. You will find many reused materials from the culture and events sector. This is how Ovaom provided us with wooden panels that had already been used during a previous event in Paris.

Eco-friendly wooden Christmas tree

So we received a stock of OSB wood panels. OSB is wood recomposed from strips of wood 💫. It is considered a wood-based construction material . The acronym OSB stands for “Oriented Strand Board”, or in French “ Oriented slat panel ". We can say that we have recycled recycled wood panels... Are you still following? 😄

Following this we always have a small stock of OSB in the workshop. Angèle proposed a challenger to the team. Why not make a limited series of ecological wooden Christmas trees? We immediately liked the idea and we all participated in the project.

The back of the Christmas tree in ecological wood

The ecological wooden Christmas tree is made of 22 mm thick OSB. We offer the tree in 2 different sizes. Then we have an option with 3D printed green and red pins and balls. This allows you to easily create a long-lasting decoration for Christmas.

The Foot of the Christmas tree in a circular economy

Last option, you can add wooden or 3D printed figures. This option will allow you to easily create an advent calendar. If this tradition is unknown to you, I invite you to discover it. This is a unique opportunity to make chocolates available at home.

🎄 So if the idea intrigues you, I invite you to discover the ecological wooden Christmas trees !

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