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Cozy and scalable baby room, 10 layout ideas for a scalable room

Preparing a cozy and scalable baby room is an important step when your baby arrives. Each specific arrangement can bring a different atmosphere to the room as well as to the daily life of the baby and that of the parents. Here are our 10 inspirational ideas for a cosy, scalable baby room in which he can grow.

A cozy room for baby

At first, upon arrival, the baby must feel confident and protected. This reassuring environment can result in a bedroom with a cozy and cocooning atmosphere. The decor is therefore refined and sober in terms of the choice of colors but always keeping a few accessories and objects that will make the baby feel good there. For this, cushions, blankets and soft toys will bring a touch of comfort and tenderness. In addition, the oversized rug or several small ones help fill the cozy bedroom.

Secrets for parents

The evolving baby room is a good way to support the child in his growth while keeping an environment he already knows. An evolving children's bed is initially the most coherent furniture that will go perfectly with the evolution of the baby. On the other hand, there is also the perforated panel which is the essential object for the evolving and cozy baby room. It can be used as a wall shelf or even a coat rack, all while adapting to the size of the child as they grow.

chmabre bébé panneau perforé

Pastel tones

Decorating the baby room in pastel tones brings softness and freshness. Pastel colors such as pink or blue combined with beige or gray create a peaceful and relaxing feeling ideal for baby's rest and comfort. Pastel colors make the baby's room soft and conducive to long nights of sleep. These colors can be on an entire section of the wall or only part of it to make the baby's room more graphic and design.

chambre bébé pastel

When baby travels in the savannah

The savannah theme will immerse the baby in a colorful universe alongside wild animals. Warm and natural colors such as orange, yellow and green will match the atmosphere of the room. The current trend is to add cute wooden or stuffed animal trophies directly to the walls. This brings a modern and graphic side. Playing with textures and materials allows you to support the theme with, for example, wooden furniture and armchairs and for babies you can opt for a pretty rattan basket or cradle. Animal soft toys are essential to finalize the savannah atmosphere of the baby and add a cozy side to the room.

chambre bébé savane

A vintage baby room

A vintage baby room can bring a very particular style to the room. Indeed, this retro touch can be used on certain important objects in the bedroom such as the bed, the light fixture or even the shelves. To do this, do not hesitate to hunt for these pieces in flea markets, empty houses or the family attic in order to find the charming asset of the bedroom. For example, a wrought iron bed or plaids with old patterns can combine the cozy and vintage baby room.

chambre bébé vintage

With mural wallpaper

Covering the baby's room with mural wallpaper is very trendy this season. However, it is important to choose the right pattern in order to have a rendering that does not attack the child and that he can keep throughout his childhood.The mural wallpaper must therefore be able to be associated with the cozy and evolving baby room There are several styles of wallpaper, those with XXL patterns or some with more discreet patterns. These prints can decorate a baby's room by creating a stimulating atmosphere and thus promote their imagination and daydreaming.

chmabre bébé avec papier peint

Personalize baby's room

The personalization of the room is a good way for the baby to feel at home and wants to evolve in the same environment. It is very easy to personalize the baby's room yourself. For example, the wooden letters representing his first name or the addition of jumbled canvas with photos of the baby and his family bring a personal touch of decoration, easy to achieve. Additionally, there are also customizable pegboards available on Quark.

chambre bébé personnalisé

When baby travels

The traveler baby room is a good idea to create an escape in the room. The atmosphere of the trip can be created by adding wall decorations with, for example, assembly lines or paintings representing the ocean, etc. Small playful and educational objects will perfectly accompany the decor such as a terrestrial globe or a model airplane which can be made directly by the child when he grows up. This theme keeps the appearance of the baby room cozy and scalable.

Chambre bébé nature

Or that baby is in the clouds

A completely different atmosphere with an airy and light decoration. The baby room in the clouds will bring him softness and comfort. First of all, the gray and blue tones go well with the theme of the bedroom. The various light spots are also key elements of the decor. For this, it is important to vary the objects while favoring the diffusion of soft lights. For example: wall garlands or a night light diffusing a starry sky. Finally, the rug with a cloud shape and a cozy feel is the perfect piece to warm up the floor. The baby will therefore be able to have his head in the stars and his feet in the clouds.

Chambre bébé nuage

A bit of nature...

When nature blends into the baby's room in different ways. All shades of green but also natural materials such as wooden, rattan or cork pieces bring a pure and eco-responsible dimension to the atmosphere of the room. The wooden pegboard will fit perfectly into this nature baby room. In addition, nature invites itself inside thanks to the wall decorations based on fake plants. The baby will therefore be able to acclimatize to the outside environment while remaining in its cocoon.

Chambre bébé nature

Here we are, our 10 layout ideas for an evolving bedroom are finished. It's now over to you, get your brains warmed up ! You have the cards in hand to create the perfect baby room. To your hammers and trowels.

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