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Find the most beautiful Pegboards on Pinterest

Looking for storage ideas for your home? Do you want to change your interior design? We select with you new influences on Pinterest. Find our board on the best Pegboard of the moment!

Pegboard And Master Yoda - You know it

Master Yoda & The Pegboard

How to use a Pegboard at home?

Above all, don't hesitate to share your influences with us! We are always happy to discover new ideas. This is the best way to progress and positively cultivate the art of tidying up and the art of interior decoration.

For QUARK, the Pegboard is the art of storage par excellence. We have another selection for you. This Pinterest pick is based on the wall shelves we make. We are always very happy to dive these wall shelves into new contexts. As you may know, the Pegboard is a wall shelf that comes straight from the United States. At first, it found its place in workshops and stores, then the Pegboard became a real accessory for interior decoration.

Refining the art of storage

At QUARK, we ask ourselves every day how best to tidy your home. What are the solutions for storing easily and intelligently? It's not that easy to answer. But when we discovered the Pegboard, this designer wall shelf, so simple to install, and so effective thanks to all the uses it offers... We were immediately fallen under the spell!

We always want to go further

At QUARK, our inner desire is to cultivate strong interaction. This involves the tidying up of our interior spaces. Because from a tidy space is born an inner calm necessary to develop while gentle.

We will continue to develop the idea of ​​calming through storage over the next few months. If you want to join the movement, you are welcome and we will be happy to build this journey with you. You can join us directly on Instagram, with the profile name @get.quark

We are at your disposal to discuss,

The QUARK team

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