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Super Quarkos: Pillars of Storage

Hello Quarkos, I'm happy to introduce you to Super Quarkos ! Thanks to him we will accompany you in the philosophy of storage accompanied by our 10 pillars of storage.

At Quark we have one belief: tidying up can save you 15 minutes a day . A very simple example? How much time do you spend each week looking for your keys?

Discover our storage tips to create a space adapted to your needs.

A superhero at your service thanks to its storage pillars

Super Quarkos puts all its energy into helping you apply the 10 pillars of storage . The hardest part of tidying up isn't fixing a frame: it's sticking to it. Every day you will have to come back to it and check that you are not losing track .

Courage, Super Quarkos is by your side now! A slack? He arrives with his cape and his Playmobil-style bowl cut . You will see, the world changes when you know Super Quarkos 🦄.

Super Quarkos is kitsch to perfection and that's a pleasure. What do you think ? Super Quarkos - Storage is now

The story of Super Quarkos

Super Quarkos is a character created by Roxane Rouault at Quark. He was born to embody the customer service team at Quark. We sometimes have packages that arrive damaged. Fortunately it is quite rare. But in this kind of circumstance, you have to take several photos of the package before opening it and then send us photos. What I am telling you here is true for all online orders. So never accept a damaged package without notifying the carrier.

This is the first appearance of Super Quarkos.

Super Quarkos: First Appearance
You discover Super Quarkos on the right of this image. Now that you know everything about Super Quarkos, it's time for the next episode to discover the 10 pillars of storage.
See you soon Quarkos
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Bravo les Quarkos, votre video est très dynamique, à l’image de vos objets! On attend avec impatience le prochain épisode qui nous dévoilera toutes les recettes pratiques du rangement avec Quark, merci!

gignoux anne

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