Utilisez un Pegboard en Home Office avec Coleene Déco - Quark

Use a Pegboard in Home Office with Coleene Deco

Coleene Déco was recently interviewed by Quark in our blog. Today we would like to share with you the work done by Coline with The Pegboard of Quark. Here is the installation of Coline and its feedback on our modular wall shelf.

A Pegboard to adapt to the Home Office

Coline installed a Pegboard Quark in her new office. Everyone now knows the Home Office. We all like to work in good conditions. So Coline shares her work with us. And at Quark we really appreciate the result! You can discover his installation on his Instagram account. Here's what Coline tells us about Quark (published 11/5/20).

Back in my office to work on your decorative projects! (Re) Containment requires, I have to stay organized to continue to respond to your requests as best as possible 😉

I would therefore like to take this opportunity to tell you about this nugget that is both aesthetic and very functional to store my things 😉 The Pegboard from @get.quark is a real decoration and organization ally ! This beautiful raw (or colored) plank adapts to any type of space and allows you to harmonize your belongings at a glance!

I fell in love with these products and am delighted today to be able to introduce them to you!

During this difficult period, we must remain united and encourage our small businesses Made In France like Quark!

I'll let you discover my use of their Pegboard in my office but also some small layout tests 😉 Don't hesitate to share your feedback and visit their page @get.quark or their e-shop and discover their superb collection!!!

Creating atmospheres

We are really happy with the support given by Coline. We appreciate his work of decoration. At Quark, we are particularly sensitive to the atmospheres that Coline manages to create. It seems completely natural to her and we always feel like we are traveling. We can discover a Scandinavian atmosphere, very bright, then suddenly switch to an industrial world and much more mineral.

I find interior design work to be a very subtle balance. It's hard to master color and material combinations. We must explore the complementarities of all the objects that make up the place. You also have to take into account many parameters such as the space you are in and how the people who live there will use it.

Coline does a great job in her new office using dark paint, practical and minimalist decoration using storage boxes Coline uses wallpaper to give a particular touch to the room. His office immediately becomes cozier. And it also gives a nice sense of depth to a workspace we spend time in.

Coleene Déco - Bureau en Home office avec Pegboard

The trestle table evokes the spirit of the drawing table of designers and other product engineers. I see in this choice of furniture a nod to his professional universe.

Table de dessin industriel Nike produite par Nike Hydraulics - 1950 -  Design Market
Industrial drawing table Nike manufactured at Nike Hydraulics (Sweden) in 1950

So now it's up to you to tell us what you think! Do you enjoy using the Pegboard as a desk accessory?

Do not hesitate to share your feedback with us!

If you have layout needs, Coline will be happy to answer your requests.

You can contact Coline Thomas through Instagram or via her Facebook page.

See you soon


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