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Making a powerful Bluetooth speaker: DIY

Building a powerful Bluetooth speaker? Is it impossible or complicated? Not necessarily, if we are to believe the multitude of tutorials that can be found on the internet on this subject... Well, if you are a Sunday do-it-yourselfer like: “I put my iPhone on a base made up of two rolls of toilet paper as a box”, it might take a little longer to get started...

Quark and its Low Tech Bluetooth speaker

Do you know the open source projects SqueezeAmp and SqueezeLite that are setting the web on fire? With Quark we wanted to participate! And here is our first contribution, a Low Tech Bluetooth speaker available on our website. Attention, custom DIY versions are more than welcome! To your printers!

Enceinte Bluetooth DIY en impression 3D

Initially, our speaker is mains powered only. You can design your own speaker in 3D printing. Or if you prefer, you can make your enclosure out of wood. We can provide you with all the parts individually on request. In a second step, we will launch a Git to document this project and all possible variants.

Building a powerful, DIY Bluetooth speaker

But if you want to build a powerful Bluetooth speaker in a simple and fun way: Quark can help you. 😄

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There is even a Wikihow on the subject (there is definitely a Wikihow for just about everything in this world…). That said, do-it-yourselfers are moving at lightning speed from the yoghurt pot to the much more complex speaker... So where should you go?

All Loudspeakers, DIY speaker specialists

At the audio specialists of All Speakers , you will find kits and accessories to choose from depending on the system sound system you are going to want to create. From the sound system to the small portable speaker to the living room speaker... Thanks to the technical specifications and information provided by the site, you will be able to get started. Note that this type of passion still has a cost and you will not necessarily be able to customize your speakers at will, unless you know about cabinetmaking and customization of objects.

Enceintes Vintage

Bluetooth speaker tutorials on Instructables

You can also go to sites like Instructables which offers tutorials! This site specializes in the publication of tutorials and will teach you in particular how to build your speakers from A to Z, starting by explaining to you how the device works and the interest of choosing this or that making up.In any case, before building the sound system of your dreams, you will have to look a little at the theory and the technique, but, who knows? ? Vocations could be born within you!

Craft'n'Sound: The DIY speaker

If you want a product with a little less technique to master, but rediscover the pleasure of having assembled it yourself, go to Craft'n' Sound, French makers based in the 19th arrondissement in Paris, who succeeded in their crowdfunding campaign thanks to their product: self-assembly Bluetooth speakers!

Kataposte, the handmade speaker

Robust and self-contained, our Parisian friends are offering Kataposte 165 is supplied as a kit and will allow you to assemble it yourself in complete ease The strong point of this speaker: it is Open Source and Open Hardware! You can buy the parts separately on their website: the core, the shell or the whole kit depending on the tools you have. The company also promotes local production: everything is made in France! The Kataposte 165 also makes repairs easier for you since it is removable and replaceable with standard parts.

Building a powerful Bluetooth speaker at home

You now have all the keys to start building a Powerful Bluetooth speaker. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Contact the Quark Team. We are always looking for partners and cooperators to develop new projects. There is space and music fans everywhere. So don't hesitate to join the speaker DIY movement!

So, ready to make your own speakers? If you're already a sound do-it-yourselfer, send us photos of your creations on Instagram

See you soon Quarkos!

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