Mobile and freestanding pegboards, screens and space dividers

Quark offers a wide variety of Mobile and Freestanding Pegboards. Discover our solutions to creatively transform your workspaces. Do you need a movable wall for your offices? Quark supports you in the design of a tailor-made and practical solution.

We offer feet with or without wheels to transform all your spaces with Freestanding Pegboards.

Do not hesitate to contact us at the bottom of this page for your requests for freestanding solutions or mobile walls.

Pegboard Autoportant sur Pied

Pegboard avec cadre en acier

Vous pouvez définir ce Pegboard selon vos besoins. Choisissez :

  • la couleur du cadre (peinture thermolaquée)
  • la couleur du bois
  • l'essence de bois
  • l'utilisation recto-verso
  • ajoutez un tableau blanc
  • demandez un traitement acoustique

Mobile Pegboard on Wheels

Discover our Pegboard Mobile solution. We offer a solution of legs with casters. These feet fit on our Pegboards. The photo is a Pegboard in Landes Pine plywood. Floor dimensions: 180 x 80 x 40 cm

Space divider in circular economy

Discover the Quark pegboard in circular economy. This is a recycled desktop panel. We got a set of desk tops thanks to Valdélia. This project co-developed with Les Canals allows us to introduce the circular economy into the range of products offered by Quark.

  • Pegboard Autoportant

    Pegboard made by interlocking 2 pieces of birch plywood 22 mm thick.

  • Caster Shelf

    Pegboard style shelf on wheels. The shelves are fixed at variable heights. The outer sides of the shelf can be perforated.

  • Colorful Storage

    Freestanding Pegboard with shelves in 3D printing. This solution offers a wide range of colors and dimensions

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