Quark's story

Quark is a company founded in 2020 in Paris, France.Angèle, Pierre-Axel and Roman offer an original, playful and effective solution to give objects a place.Quark brings new enchantment to your daily life through objects made in Paris and with care, by a team of committed Quarkos!

Quark - Les associés - Fondateurs
Photo: Mélanie Fourcy - Studio Fengari
Quark's favorite product is called the Pegboard. This is a wooden pegboard. It allows to tidy up and transform an interior space according to one's needs.
Pegboard Arc en Ciel par Quark

The Pegboard by Quark what is it?

The Pegboard is a modular storage solution for our interiors, from home to office.

At Quark we develop objects that are simple, useful and accessible to as many people as possible.

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Avis Clients Quark - Pegboard Made in France

Quark and manufacturing in France: a life project

At Quark we manufacture all of our products in France.The objects you find on our site are made by our little hands.Our workshop is located in Métropole 19, Paris 19th in France.You can contact us to request a workshop visit.It's only by appointment but it's always a pleasure to meet you!

Angele - Cheffe d'atelier chez Quark

Métropole 19 is an industrial hotel, focused on local production.The objective of Métropole 19 is to facilitate the return of local manufacturing and short production circuits.The place has grown thanks to the Fab City Paris project.

Pegboard en bois - Quark - Etagere Murale Made In France

Defining the Essential

At Quark, we offer a different reading of the everyday and the world around us.We believe that it is difficult today to define what really matters to us.However, it is essential to define what is essential to us.This is why we are developing with Quark a minimalist storage solution.The Pegboard asks its user to carefully select what they want to fix and highlight.The Pegboard is a concrete way to define what is essential for you.

Définir l'essentiel - Quark - Pegboard - Made in France

Our Values

Quark is the ideal solution to help you organize your home.These are carefully designed and manufactured objects.

Our wall shelves are easy to install and can be transformed as desired.Our customers find them as practical as they are decorative.That's fine because that's one of the goals of Quark.

  • Craft Useful Items
  • Crafting Accessible Objects for Everyone
  • Manufacturing responsibly and sustainably
Quark - Développement Durable - Pegboard

Ongoing Development

Check out Quark's Pegboard Collection.We manufacture and develop new accessories every day.If you have a particular need, do not hesitate to contact us to let us know.We can work on your needs and develop a tailor-made solution.This new accessory will then integrate our collection.

Pegboard - La solution de rangement pour tous

Talking and Exchanging

You know we live in a world where talking to each other has never been easier.Yet we are still too often hesitant to make contact with strangers.So to break the ice, let me introduce you to Roman.He's the engineer behind Quark and our Pegboards.Feel free to contact us for feedback and questions.We develop products for you.So that these objects serve you on a daily basis.

Roman Wisznia dans son jardin - Quark © - 2020

See you soon

Angèle, Pierre-Axel and Roman

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