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The Qube: minimalist Bluetooth audio speaker with 20 watts RMS on mains

The Qube: minimalist Bluetooth audio speaker with 20 watts RMS on mains

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Meet the Qube, a minimalist Bluetooth audio speaker to play your music in just 10 seconds!

Check out our blog article on the mini home speaker by Quark. You will discover many hidden functions of the speaker.

We have designed a simple and scalable enclosure. Our bluetooth speaker aims to be accessible to everyone. We've researched its use to provide the easiest experience possible. Our speaker is designed and assembled in France, in our workshop. We offer a wide range of customizations. Choose your finishes:

  • Set speaker body color
  • Set grid color
  • Define the shape of the grid
  • Add your logo or a personalized message
  • Open Source: modify the code according to your needs

Your Bluetooth audio speaker

Its sleek design, versatile and practical, guarantees your Bluetooth speaker will fit easily into your home. your interior. Your speakers can be easily used in any room of your home.

Minimalist and easy to use

The Qube speaker is for the masses. You connect with a gesture from your phone or computer.

Many colors are available to suit all your desires.

Your minimalist Bluetooth audio speaker connects to the mains to ensure battery-free operation. The power cable is included with the speaker.

ATTENTION: speaker grilles are sold separately on the speaker grilles page. The protective grille is not mandatory if you do not touch the speaker.

You can book a listening of the speaker in our workshop

Technical information

  • Dimension (LxWxH): 120x120x120mm
  • Weight: 890 grams
  • Power: 20W RMS
  • Amplifier: TAS5711
  • Speaker: Faital Pro 3FE25, made in Italy
  • Power supply: 12V 1A
  • Bluetooth 5
  • Microcontroller: ESP32
  • DSP (Digital Sound Processor): 8 bands

3D filaments

  • PLA
  • Recycled PETG


Colors: black, green, blue, yellow, red, recycled.

Bonus: Open Source

Quark offers a minimalist Bluetooth audio speaker that uses Squeezelite-ESP32 technology. You can explore many uses beyond the Bluetooth connection. Discover more in detail this universe on our blog.

Sizes and Weights

Dimension : 120 x 120 x 120 mm (L x l x h)
Poids : 890 grammes


Impression 3D
- PLA : à partir d'amidon de maïs, biodégradable en compostage industriel
- PETG : le plastique des bouteilles rigides

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