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Staircase shelf storage - minimalist object holder in 3D printing

Staircase shelf storage - minimalist object holder in 3D printing

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Quark offers its staircase shelf unit or the modern minimalist abstract shelf. It's an ideal storage solution to dress up your wall from a Pegboard Quark.

Staircase shelf storage

Thanks to this storage solution, you now have access to an accessory to easily store your objects.

  • Small and medium cups
  • Figures
  • Candles
  • Relaxation balls

The staircase shelf storage is entirely made using 3D PLA printing. Other colors are available on request.

Storage Models

There are two models in our range of stairs:

  1. The variant with 6 cm steps has 3 steps of 6 cm
  2. The variant with 9 cm steps has 2 steps of 9 cm

The products are both delivered with their fixing pins in stainless steel. This way you have an accessory that is easy to insert into your Pegboard. You also have access to a resistant solution that will last over time. It is an object as practical as it is decorative.

The weight is around 150 grams.

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