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Quark Materials Sample Kit - Valchromat Samples

Quark Materials Sample Kit - Valchromat Samples

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Would you like to touch our materials and discover the entire range offered by Quark? Check out our Quark Materials Sample Kit. This sample box allows you to observe the shades and colors of each reference. We use wood between 18 and 19 mm thick.

Valchormat samples are oiled on the front side as Quark Pegboards are oiled as standard. You will thus find the surface condition of your future Pegboard. We use mineral oil to give more depth to the colors of the Vlachromat.

With this kit, test a pin or pin on a sample of Pegboard Quark.

Quark Materials Sample Kit Contents

  • A wooden dowel
  • A stainless steel pin with a 3D printed colored ball
  • A standard Quark hole punch piece
  • Valchromat Black
  • Valchromat Purple
  • Valchromat Red
  • Valchromat Gray
  • Valchromat Blue
  • Valchromat Orange
  • Valchromat Yellow
  • Valchromat Green
  • Birch Plywood
  • Pine Plywood
  • SuperOrganic Coating


The amount of the kit will be deducted from your next order thanks to a promo code provided with the kit. If you order Pegboards from Quark in the future, the kit will have cost you nothing!

Sizes and Weights

Un tourillon en bois
Une goupille en inox avec une bille de couleur en impression 3D
Valchromat Noir
Valchromat Violet
Valchromat Rouge
Valchromat Gris
Valchromat Bleu
Valchromat Orange
Valchromat Jaune
Valchromat Vert
Une pièce en SuperOrganic
Contreplaqué Bouleau
Contreplaqué Pin


Valchromat, Contreplaqué, Superorganic, Acier, Inox, Hêtre

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