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Modular storage boxes and racks for small items

Modular storage boxes and racks for small items

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Kit 15 planks

Discover modular storage by wooden boxes and racks. A Storage Solution for Quark Wall Shelves

Connectors fit into the holes in the Pegboard by means of steel pins, allowing the finely machined solid wood divider boards to be accommodated. The result: a fun storage system, aesthetics, and entirely modular to accommodate small objects and bottles whatever their shape.
Kit of 15 planks:

  • 3x 2-hole planks
  • 4x 3-hole planks
  • 4x 4-hole planks
  • 2x 5-hole planks
  • 2x 6-hole plank
  • 20 connectors and their steel pin

25 planks kit:

  • 4x 2-hole planks
  • 6x 3-hole planks
  • 6x 4-hole planks
  • 4x 5-hole planks
  • 4x 6-hole plank
  • 1x 7-hole plank
  • 30 connectors and their steel pin

Kit of 40 planks:

  • 6x 2-hole planks
  • 10x 3-hole planks
  • 10x 4-hole planks
  • 6x 5-hole planks
  • 6x 6-hole plank
  • 2x 7-hole plank
  • 50 connectors and their steel pin

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