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Quark marble run - the creative Marble Run

Quark marble run - the creative Marble Run

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Discover the marble course of endless possibilities by Quark. It's a Marble Run in the tradition of playful and progressive games. The pieces are inserted in a Quark-type Pegboard, according to your imagination, your creativity and your desires. The Quark marble course guarantees you long hours of play!

If you don't have a Pegboard yet, don't forget to add one to your basket. Because this marble run is only a prop.

Creative Marble Run

The Quark marble run is a game designed for young and old alike. This game is widely known as Marble Run. It allows you to imagine marble circuits and then test them in real conditions. The possibilities are endless, each configuration is unique, it's up to you to invent and re-invent!

  • Imagine
  • Create
  • Build
  • And test yourself against the laws of physics!

Our Course Kits

We offer all our accessories with stainless steel pins. Thus the marble run fits on all the Pegboards we offer. The bead track is therefore easy to use. It will evolve over time thanks to the regular release of new accessories.

Contents of kits:

  • Kit S: 5 linear rails (2x 21cm, 2 x15cm, 1x 9cm), 1 half-turn, 2 paddle wheels, one arrival, 5 stainless steel balls
  • Kit M: 8 linear rails (3x 21cm, 3x 15cm, 2x 9cm), 2 half turns, 3 paddle wheels, one inlet, 5 stainless steel balls
  • Kit L: 12 linear rails (4x 21cm, 4x 15cm, 4x 9cm), 3 half turns, 4 paddle wheels, 1 whirlpool, 1 arrival, 5 stainless steel balls
  • Kit XL: 20 linear rails (7x 21cm, 7x 15cm, 6x 9cm), 4 half turns, 5 paddle wheels, 1 whirlpool, 1 waterfall, 1 arrival, 5 stainless steel balls

Colors of marble game elements

  • Rails: black
  • U-turns: blue
  • Pad wheels: red
  • Tourbillon: green
  • Waterfall: yellow
  • Arrival: Gray

If you want custom colors, please feel free to contact us.

Our marble run is Made in France in our workshop, in Paris 19th.

Sizes and Weights

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Atelier de Fabrication en France - Menuiserie par Quark

L'atelier Quark

Located in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, our team makes every effort to provide you with the best quality.