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Pixi Quark - Pixel Art by Quark

Pixi Quark - Pixel Art by Quark

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Discover the magic of Pixel Art with Quark: The Pixi Quark. To put in all hands from 5 years old ❤️

Don't set any more limits to your creativity. Quark accompanies your mad desire for Puzzle and creation with the Pixi Quark . This is a game of Pixel Art made in 3D printing in our workshop.

  • Dimensions of a plate: 9 x 9 cm

Pixel Art

Pixel Art finally hangs on your wall with our 3D piece kit. Bring your ideas to life and reference the great figures of the world of Pixels. Do not hesitate to divert the Pixi Quark to create an original signage solution.

Create your own Pixel Art models or get inspired by your favorite references! The Pixi Quark is an infinite Puzzle that is easy to reconfigure.


The Pixi Quark is magnetic. It can be attached to a Pegboard Quark or your fridge. The plate is equipped with 4 magnets. Choosing a magnetic solution opens up new spaces for your Pixi Quark. An original idea that opens this product to everyone! No need for a Pegboard here 😄.

KIT contents

  • 3D Printing Matrix with recycled plastic filament
  • 9 x 9 hole matrix
  • Size of die: 9 x 9 cm
  • 4 magnetic pins for Pegboard

Then according to your choice:

  • 50 Pixels Black and 50 Pixels White
  • or 100 Color Pixels

We will contact you to define the colors and the distribution of the quantities if you choose a color kit.

For information, the realization of a Space Invaders requires 2 plates. You must therefore add 2 units to your basket, in black and white or in color.


Each 3D printed plate, also called the Matrix, is shipped with its 4 magnets attached to the back. The 100 chosen pixels are in a separate bag. If you have a pegboard, we include free magnetic pegboard mounting pins.

Sizes and Weights

Pour un KIT :
- Une matrice 9x9 trous en Impression 3D
- Puis 50 Pixels Noir et 50 Pixels Blanc
- Ou 100 Pixels de Couleurs


Impression 3D en plastiques recyclés

Shipping and return

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Product Care

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