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Kraft roller holder for Pegboard

Kraft roller holder for Pegboard

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Discover the kraft roller holder for Pegboard, ppractical, playful and elegant, it is iideal in your workspace or creation.

The kraft roller holder for Pegboard, a fun and creative accessory

The kraft roller holder for Pegboard is an easy-to-use accessory.Just unroll to the length of your choice, cut and Hop you can write or draw as you wish! If a thought crosses your mind you can now write it down so you don't forget it again ;)

It's always handy to have a kraft roll at home for all things creative.It is also a product that could be very popular with children.

There really is a fun aspect to unrolling the kraft paper.You can then draw your sketches and put your ideas down on paper.This accessory will find its place in your workspace, your kitchen, or in your bathroom.The different formats allow you to have aluminum foil, paper towel and even toilet paper!

Kit contents

  • 2 pieces in 3D printing
  • 4 stainless steel pins to secure the product
  • 1 wooden bar to hold the Kraft roller


The roll must have a maximum diameter of 10 cm

Width of the Kraft version: 46 cm useful / 52 cm overall

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