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Wall phone holder for Pegboard - Phone holder

Wall phone holder for Pegboard - Phone holder

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This wall-mounted phone holder is made using 3D printing. It fits all brands and models of smartphones.

Setting Up a Routine

The maximum thickness of the phone with a case is 15 mm.

The notch on the front of the mount provides easy access for your charger. You can also use the side buttons on some models.

The support comes with 4 stainless steel pins. This is only an accessory for Pegboard. It attaches to Quark Pegboards or a compatible product.

How to use the wall phone holder

Once your smartphone is installed, it is firmly held and rests safely on your wall. The phone sits well vertically. You can even use the phone holder to film yourself by activating the front camera!

It's a practical product to maintain a storage routine and no longer misplace your phone.

Technical characteristics of the wall-mounted telephone holder

Materials: PLA or PETG depending on color

Weight (with 4 pins): 50g

Package contents:

  • 1 phone holder in 3D printing
  • 4 stainless steel pins

This product does not include a Pegboard. You must add a Pegboard to your cart. Do not hesitate to contact us for all your questions.

Sizes and Weights

1 support de téléphone en impression 3D
4 goupilles en inox


PETG, PLA, Acier inoxydable

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Product Care

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