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Customizable Qapla XL type shelf: Storage lockers for large objects

Customizable Qapla XL type shelf: Storage lockers for large objects

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The customizable Qapla XL type shelf makes it easy to organize your items according to your needs. We offer you a modular and easy-to-implement solution.

The Qapla XL customizable shelf

The Qapla XL shelf adapts in the blink of an eye. The planks are made of beech wood. This is solid wood from French forests. Our Qapla XL solution allows you to create your lockers and shelves in endless variations.

Choice of colors

Do not hesitate to contact us to change the color of your connectors. We have many colors on request.

We can also create custom sizes according to your needs.

Materials and technical information

The Qapla XL wooden shelf uses 3D printed connectors. The connectors are all delivered with their stainless steel pins.

  • The depth of a locker is 12cm
  • The width of a locker is 11 cm
  • The height of a locker is 32 cm, i.e. 12 holes

Made in France in our workshop located in Paris 19th.

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