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Quarkosaurus - 3D Printed Dinosaur

Quarkosaurus - 3D Printed Dinosaur

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Quarkosaurus are pliers in the shape of dinosaurs. This is a handy accessory offered by Quark. 3d printed, these dinosaurs have a mechanism allowing them to cling to anything and anything thanks to their elastic jaws.

  • Getting started easy
  • Resistant
  • Good ability to squeeze objects
  • Fun for children
  • Offbeat design for adults

You want to please or treat yourself, find the world of dinosaurs with Quark.

This is a form inspired by Theropods. This polymorphic group of dinosaurs was often carnivorous. The Theropods varied greatly in size: from 40 cm long for the smallest and 150 g for the maniraptors, up to 13 m long and 8 tons for the Tyrannosaurs, the best known.

Technical data

Lengths :

  • Large Quarkosaurus: 11cm
  • Small Quarkosaurus: 7.5cm

Weight : 100 grams (less than maniraptors).

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