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Storage module for spices - Storage system for the kitchen

Storage module for spices - Storage system for the kitchen

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Discover our storage module for spices. It fits on a pegboard and opens the kitchen storage doors. It is therefore an ideal solution for organizing your spices in your home.

How the Spice Storage Module Works

The spice storage module works like a wall puzzle. You can thus define the size of your storage according to your products. It is a practical and effective solution to organize your workspace.

We offer 3 kit sizes :

  • Kit of 15 planks
  • 25 planks kit
  • Kit of 40 planks

Then it's up to you! The connectors are inserted into the holes of the Pegboard by means of steel pins. The connectors as well as the pins are supplied with the kit. Next, you'll insert the wooden planks between the connectors.

Put your finger on the spice storage module

Your mini storage shelves can be fixed horizontally or vertically. But on the other hand, it is not possible to put them diagonally. You can create long storage areas as very small spaces, according to your needs and your desires. The result: a playful, aesthetic and entirely modular storage system.

The kitchen storage solution

Therefore, our kitchen storage module can accommodate all your spices and other fine items. So you can add small decorative items to your wall!

In addition, everything is made in our workshop in Paris 19th. It is therefore a 100% made in France product. The shelves are thus made of solid wood, finely machined by our machines. They are 4 cm deep. The wood comes from sustainably managed forests.

Last and not least, our connectors are 3D printed. It's a practical technology, which limits waste because we only manufacture on demand.

Finally, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. And know that it is also possible to change the color of the parts in 3D printing.

The spice storage module in detail

  • Depth of shelves: 4 cm
  • Shelf thickness: 6 mm

Kit of 15 planks:

  • 3x planks 3 holes
  • 4x 4-hole planks
  • 4x 5-hole planks
  • 2x 6-hole planks
  • 2x 7-hole plank
  • 20 connectors
  • 20 istainless steel pins

Kit of 25 planks:

  • 4x 3-hole planks
  • 6x 4-hole planks
  • 6x 5-hole planks
  • 4x 6-hole planks
  • 4x 7-hole plank
  • 1x 8-hole plank
  • 30 connectors
  • 30 stainless steel pins

Kit of 40 planks:

  • 6x 3-hole planks
  • 10x 4-hole planks
  • 10x 5-hole planks
  • 6x 6-hole planks
  • 6x 7-hole plank
  • 2x 8-hole plank
  • 50 connectors
  • 50 pins in stainless steel

    This storage module is the same product as the Makeup Storage Kit for Pegboard. We're just presenting it in another context.

    Sizes and Weights

    Profondeur des tablettes : 4 cm
    Épaisseur des tablettes : 6 mm


    Bois, impression 3D, Acier

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