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DIY Dinosaur Stamp Kit - Quarkosaurus T-REX

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Welcome to the world of Dinosaurs as seen by Quark!

Hereyour creativity is cultivated and valued. Thanks to this Dinosaur Stamp Kit DIYyou will create your T-REX and all the versions you like. Don't worry, you'll take your time and create a dinosaur in your image, without a hitch.

How does the Kit work?

  1. Grab your DIY stamp kit and a children's paint.
  2. Put the paint in a paper plate and apply it to the roller (supplied in the kit)
  3. Apply the paint to a dinosaur piece
  4. Stamp the dinosaur piece on foil
  5. Repeat with all the parts in the kit
  6. Create and share your dinosaur!

Our advice

Discover how to use the Stamp Kit.

Use children's paints first. They will respect the contact with your skin.

You can mix colors and create new dinosaurs this way.

Technical information

The Dinosaur DIY Stamp Kit contains:

  • 10 pieces of stamp type
  • 1 roll already assembled

The roll is made up of 5 pieces. It comes already assembled. It is easily washable with water.

All our parts are made with a 3D printer in our workshop.

Materials: PETG and Stainless Steel.

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