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Pegboard of the week #1

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Description du produit

🔔 We are launching a new concept at Quark: the Pegboard of the week. Because we want to constantly stimulate our creativity. In 2023 we will therefore continue to explore new, atypical, interesting and inspiring forms. The goal: to keep the spark of the beginnings alive throughout the Quark team. In short, stay alive!

A Pegboard inspired by the shape of a puddle.

The Pegboard of the week aims to be a unique and original piece while retaining the minimalist spirit that characterizes all our products. So we took up the challenge of creating a new shape to give an innovative and trendy design to this Pegboard. The almost molecular rounded shape brings a touch of originality to your interior, while its classic grille (with a 3cm pitch) allows it to be used with all compatible accessories. We have also ensured that it is easy to use, by allowing our customers to easily place all the accessories of their choice on this sober, stylish and practical Pegboard. Mission accomplished ! ✅

We took on an almost impossible challenge: to create a Pegboard that was both original, minimalist and functional. We asked ourselves "Why settle for a square shape when you can have a cool molecular shape who throws?!" And there you have it, the result! A Pegboard that brings the necessary touch of panache to your interior while remaining practical and easy to use. ✨

On this model, the grid is a classic grid, (With a step of 3cm), all the accessories are compatible.

  • Clean design
  • Rounded and molecular shape
  • Minimalist

Dimensions: the Pegboard measures 73 cm wide by 51 cm high

The Quark Workshop

Quark is the meeting of a design studio and a carpentry workshop. Our workshop is located in Paris in the 19th. The whole team is involved for you in order to create timeless and durable products.

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