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Pegboard of the week #8

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Description du produit

🔔 We are launching a new concept at Quark: the Pegboard of the week. Because we want to constantly stimulate our creativity. In 2023 we will therefore continue to explore new, atypical, interesting and inspiring forms. The goal: to keep the spark of the beginnings alive throughout the Quark team. In short, stay alive!

The Horse Pegboard

This is the last in the series: animals. After the bear, the eagle, here is the horse. We chose to represent a horse because they are magnificent and fascinating animals that have captured the human imagination for centuries. They have an important place in culture and art, being depicted in many paintings, sculptures, films and other forms of artistic expression. Quark is no exception to the rule!

Horses are beautiful and fascinating animals that have captured the human imagination for centuries.

As with all our other Pegboards, you can add accessories to store and decorate as you wish. Because on this model the grid is a classic grid, (With a step of 3cm), all the accessories are compatible.


H: 387mm W: 480mm

  • Original
  • Wall Storage
  • Child's bedroom

L'atelier Quark

Quark est la rencontre d'un studio de création et d'un atelier de menuiserie. Notre atelier est situé à Paris dans le 19ème. Toute l'équipe s'implique pour vous afin de créer des produits intemporels et durables.

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