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Telephone cable reel - Cable reel for Pegboard

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Discover how the Pegboard Quark works in video

Description du produit

Discover the telephone cable roller by Quark! It is a simple and practical product for storing computer cables or telephone cables. Our product attaches to a Quark Pegboard. But you can use it alone for your office or in your car.

Do you want to keep a tidy desk? Do you have too many cables everywhere? Try the Cable Roller by Quark! A product made in our workshop in 3D printing.

How does the telephone cable roller work?

The charger cable roller is made up of two 3D printed parts. You position your cable in the middle of the first room. Then you insert the second piece in the middle of the cable roller. All you have to do is turn the cable roller and you're done!

Why a cable reel?

With the two cable carriers, Quark helps you organize your desk. No more cables lying around on the desk, in the car or in your living room. The Quark cable roller allows you to simply roll up your cables before storing them neatly on your Pegboard or in a drawer.

Models and sizes

We offer two sizes of cable rollers.

  • Standard model: suitable for all standard USB-type cables with a length of up to 2m
  • XL model: suitable for extra long cables (up to 4m) or thick HDMI type cables.


This product is made by 3D printing in our workshop in Paris, France. Our accessories are delivered with their stainless steel fixing pins for Pegboard. The diameter of the pins is 6 mm.

Package contents:

  • 1 cable roller in 2 parts in 3D printing
  • 2 stainless steel pins

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Understand 3D printing

Want to learn more about 3D printing? Check out our blog post about it.

3D printing what is it?

The Quark Workshop

Quark is the meeting of a design studio and a carpentry workshop. Our workshop is located in Paris in the 19th. The whole team is involved for you in order to create timeless and durable products.

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