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Do you have a store idea in mind and are now looking to make all of your dreams come true? Do you want to control your installation budget while having a result that will allow you to stand out from the crowd? With our tips for decorating your store , you will discover tips to constantly adapt to all the changes that your store will go through.

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Constantly adapt: ​​a key to going through the stages

You can imagine it, but maintaining the character of a store despite new trends, changes in laws, restrictions, new habits... This requires a lot of agility , preparation and a sense of balance ready for any test. .

At Quark we believe that the solution to constantly adapt is modularity . If we surround ourselves with modular decoration solutions, we manage to maintain a level of adaptability in the face of the unexpected. And the unexpected is the daily life of every entrepreneur!

Entrepreneur is hot

1st tip: The Pegboard

In our eyes, a proven solution for decorating a store is the Pegboard. This is a modular wall shelf , developed in 1962 in the United States . It is ideal for decorating your store. The advantage of this solution lies mainly in its flexibility. You choose to put on a new item of clothing, then a few days later it's the turn of an accessory.

No worries... The Pegboard adapts and you will inevitably find the accessory that is best suited to highlight your products. You can assemble several Pegboards to decorate a store , it is a very practical technique, simple and quick to set up.

Café Les Pépites in Paris - Pegboard installation

2nd tip: The window

Your store should always make your customers want to come back. You often hear that an open door is more welcoming than a closed door, which a customer will have to push open. Depending on the weather, favor the first option. The open door has proven itself.

Now let's talk about your window. It must also meet this imperative: make your customers want to come home to you. The simplest thing is to create an atmosphere in your window which will then be reflected in your store. So if you have wooden and industrial decoration, it must be in your window. Do not hesitate to set up modules on several levels. Play with colors and everyday objects. Surprise your customers by installing striking and colorful objects.

Decoration of a store - the concept store of Oficina Itsu
The Oficina Itsu concept store.

3rd tip: install posters

Why not share your influences with your customers? It’s an effective way to create connections. If you like to hunt around in flea markets and garage sales, you can easily get your hands on posters, posts and photos. Your store will immediately reveal your hidden side. So treat yourself! But don't lose sight of the fact that you need to maintain a guideline in your decoration. Don't try to do the splits, but simply to be in phase with your project.

The importance of a good atmosphere for a store

Tip 4: add plants

As you might have guessed, our fourth tip for decorating a store is to add a plant touch. You have an incredible number of variations to find for your decoration. You can start with very robust plants. This way they will need little maintenance. But take care all the same 😍.

We have a superb address to share with you. If you are looking for plants (in Paris), there is a unique place (and perfect for small budgets): it is Plantes pour tous . There is a store at 13 Rue Jean Poulmarch, 75010 Paris. You will see, it is a real paradise for equipping yourself with plants to decorate your store .

You can also turn to specialized companies. Some companies offer tailor-made greening. You can contact Platan for example. These are stabilized plants. These green walls do not require maintenance. It's very practical when you don't want to invest too much time in the plant world, while still making a small place for it in the decoration of your store .

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Final advice: surround yourself

This may seem simple or inaccessible to some. But surrounding yourself with an interior decorator is not at all inaccessible. You can only work on a mood board, which is also called searching for influences. This will be a half-day mission and your budget will not be excessive. This consulting mission will help you create a coherent image for your store. The main thing is to find your universe, then to adapt it according to current events.

You can read our article on Coleen Design , you will learn that interior decoration is accessible to everyone!

I hope you enjoyed these tips and feel ready to decorate a store . If you are looking for Pegboard, do not hesitate to visit our online store. We can be reached by email via our contact page.

See you soon


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