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Quark accessories

Accessories for Pegboard Quark, designed and manufactured in France, offer a wide range of storage and decoration solutions, from shelves to jar holders, for organization and customization adapted to all your needs.

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How to arrange your Pegboard?

The arrangement of a Pegboard by Quark not only transforms the work or living space, but also reflects an aesthetic and functional choice suited to a high-end interior. For an ideal setup, here are some tips:

1. Assess the available space : Measure your wall to choose a Pegboard suitable for the size of the space. Our modular models allow complete customization, whether you have a small office area or a large living room.

2. Define your needs : Think about what tools, accessories, or decorations you want to hang. Quark offers a range of designer and practical accessories, from shelves to tool holders, that adapt to your specific needs.

3. Create a plan : Before attaching your Pegboard, organize your accessories on the floor to preview the layout. This will help you optimize the space and create a harmonious whole.

4. Play with heights : Vary the heights of shelves and supports to give dynamism to your wall . This will add an attractive visual appearance while maximizing the use of space.

5. Integrate your style : Choose finishes and colors that complement your interior design. Quark Pegboards, available in various finishes, fit perfectly into all types of decor, from minimalist to more sophisticated.

By following these steps, your Pegboard will not only be a storage element, but a real design asset that will enrich your interior. For more inspiration and advice, visit our gallery or contact our team of designers.