What is the difference between the Checkered Pegboard and the Smooth Pegboard?

Quelle est la différence entre le Pegboard damier et le Pegboard lisse ? - Quark

At Quark we offer texture variations on some Pegboards . We are lucky to have our production tool. Our workshop allows us to work the material as we wish. We are proud to present the Pegboards with checkerboard engraving . This option is only available on Valchromat type wood. Discover the particularities of each of these textures and find the one that best suits your style and your interior.

The Smooth Pegboard

Smooth Pegboard, as the name suggests, is a perforated wood panel with a smooth surface. Unlike the Checkerboard Pegboard, it does not have a checkerboard pattern. Smooth Pegboard offers a clean, minimalist look that blends easily into any interior.

Quark Smooth Yellow Pegboard

The Checkerboard Pegboard

This Pegboard is a perforated wood panel with a checkerboard pattern. This means that there is an etching in the form of checkerboards of constant size on the panel. This pattern allows you to add an extra touch of personalization to your wall shelf. The Checkerboard Pegboard finally offers a more structured and organized appearance thanks to its pattern.

Pegboard with checkerboard engraving by Quark

Practical storage

So if you're looking for a stylish and practical way to store your accessories or tools, consider the Pegboard. The Pegboard is the ideal solution to optimize your office space, workshop, or even your child's room!

If you want to know more about Valchromat, you can read our blog article on this subject or order a sample kit on our site. Both finishes on Pegboards have many advantages. First of all, Quark Pegboards are highly customizable and modular. This means that you can organize your storage according to your needs and define your style according to your taste. Then, the Pegboards are easy to install and move, which allows you to use them in any room of the house or other space such as an office, shops... Finally, the Pegboards are made with high quality materials, which guarantees high durability.

A style choice

Choosing between the Checkerboard Pegboard and the Smooth Pegboard comes down to your style and organization preferences. If you're looking for a more structured look, go for the Checkerboard Pegboard. If you prefer a more streamlined and minimalist appearance, the Smooth Pegboard is the perfect choice for you. Either way, you get customizable, easy-to-install, high-quality storage. At Quark, we pride ourselves on providing you with high quality Pegboards, customizable to your needs and preferences. Feel free to explore our full range of Pegboards on our website and find the perfect one for your storage needs.

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