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Wooden chair rail for Pegboard and book display

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This is how the Pegboard Quark works in video 👇

Description du produit

The wooden Pegboard chair rail manufactured by Quark is a solution designed for:

  • Show a favorite photo
  • Highlight a poster
  • Display your favorite book
  • Present a postcard

Less deep than a shelf, the Quark chair rail allows you to display objects with elegance. Thanks to the modular environment developed by Quark, you can change your interior decoration in the blink of an eye.

Details of the wooden chair rail for Pegboard

Dimensions available


  • 15cm
  • 24cm
  • 30cm
  • 42cm

Depth of the wooden chair rail : 4 cm

Material : solid wood. We use beech harvested in France from sustainably managed forests

Accessories supplied with each chair rail :

  • 2 stainless steel pins 40 mm long and 6 mm in diameter

Our Kit

Contents of the pack of 3 chair rails :

  • 15cm
  • 24cm
  • 30cm

Customization of the wooden chair rail for Pegboard

Do not hesitate to contact the Quark team to modify your product. For example, we can modify the depth of the chair rail. We can also manufacture this product using 3D printing.

So, 3D printing is an additive manufacturing technology, it opens up many possibilities. You can thus benefit from the colors available in the 3D printing catalog. This solution is very practical for creating a unique product for your salon, store, popup store, etc.

    The Quark Workshop

    Quark is the meeting of a design studio and a carpentry workshop. Our workshop is located in Paris in the 19th. The whole team is involved for you in order to create timeless and durable products.

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