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Colored pins - Pin with colored ball for Pegboard

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🌈 Colorful Quark Journals - Add a splash of color to your organization! 🌈

The colorful Quark pins are a must-have for attaching various objects, clothing, and even photos to your Quark Pegboard. More than a simple variation of the classic wooden trunnion, the colored trunnion allows you to vary the colors and create a more lively decoration in your interior.

Main Features :

  • Easy to use: Our colorful pins are designed to be easily inserted and removed from your Quark Pegboard.
  • Robust construction: Each trunnion is manufactured with high quality materials to ensure durability.
  • Minimalist design: The sleek design of our colorful trunnions fits perfectly with any type of interior decoration.
  • Made in France: We are proud to say that our colored trunnions are made locally in France.
  • Many Colors Available: Choose from a variety of colors to match your style and decor.
  • Mass-dyed 3D printed ball: Each ball is 3D printed with a mass-dyed color for a high-quality finish.
  • 50 mm stainless steel pin: The 50 mm stainless steel pin ensures a solid attachment to your Quark Pegboard.
  • Pin Diameter: 6mm: The 6mm diameter of the pin is ideal for use with the Quark Pegboard.

Quark's colorful trunnions are more than just a storage accessory - they're a way to personalize your space and make it truly unique. So why not add a splash of color to your organization today?


Discover the colors available in 3D printing

The Quark Workshop

Quark is the meeting of a design studio and a carpentry workshop. Our workshop is located in Paris in the 19th. The whole team is involved for you in order to create timeless and durable products.

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