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Wooden letters for Scrabble-style Pegboard

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Description du produit

Quark offers you wooden letters with a warm design. They are easy to install on your Pegboard.

  • Solid wood accessory (beech)
  • Readable lettering thanks to wood engraving
  • Deep painting
  • Compatible for horizontal and vertical use
  • Quick setup

Are you looking for a solution to write messages or words on the wall ? The name of your store, your restaurant? From your lover or your cat? Do you want to teach your child the alphabet or display the shopping list? Nothing like our wooden letters for writing legibly on your Pegboard. Our wooden letters also allow us to create tailor-made, modular signage.

Letters are sold:

  • Individually
  • In kit of 100 units

Package contents:

  • The chosen letters (individually or in kit)
  • Two 28mm long stainless steel pins per letter. No need to put a pin at each corner of the letter, two are enough for two opposite angles

The paint color for the letters is black . We also have red hearts .

For orders of individual wooden letters , please specify the desired letters in the order memo.

Kit of 100 Letters:

E 15 HAS 9 I 8
NOT 6 O 6 R 6
S 6 T 6 U 6
L 5
D 3 M 3 G 2
B 2 VS 2 P 2
F 2 H 2 V 2
J 1 Q 1
K 1 W 1 X 1
Y 1 Z 1
42 31 27
Total 100

Atelier de Fabrication en France - Menuiserie par Quark

The Quark Workshop

Located in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, our team does everything possible to provide you with the best quality.

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