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Do you have a library full of books and you don't know where to put them? Looking for a practical and stylish way to store your favorite books? Do not search anymore ! The Library Bookend for Pegboard is here to help!

Today we present to you the library bookend for Pegboard. It is a practical and functional accessory that allows you to easily store your books. While adding a touch of style to your interior . It is made from premium material for maximum durability and is compatible with all Quark Pegboards . And all this made in France in our workshop in Métropole 19.

You may have heard of pegboards or perforated panels ? These are the flagship products from Quark, if you don't know here is the table:

A little more on the Pegboard…

peg board

Users use Pegboard as a type of pegboard to organize tools, supplies, and decorate a space. To allow for the insertion of pins, we have evenly spaced the holes on the panel. You can then place shelves and other accessories to store objects. People now widely use the Pegboard as a practical, aesthetic and sophisticated decorative element , although it was originally designed for manual work . It offers many advantages. Including efficient use of space , easy organization of tools and objects , quick accessibility, as well as ease of use and installation . Pegboards are also affordable and durable, making them a popular choice for home organization.

The Pegboard adapts to all styles and can be personalized according to your preferences, whether it is for the office , the bedroom , the living room or for the children . We decided to popularize the concept in France because we are convinced of its advantages.

And now you know exactly what a Pegboard is, I hope I have succeeded in convincing you. Now let's take a closer look at our accessory!

An essential accessory for a tidy interior


If you are a book lover, then this accessory is for you ! It is very practical!

It allows you to store your favorite books while adding a touch of style to your interior. To display your most beautiful books, for example, as decoration. They can add a touch of personality to your space by reflecting your style or interests. For example, if you are a music lover or enthusiast , you can use bookends to store your sheet music or works on your favorite artists directly on your Pegboard . Similarly, if you like animals , you can opt for books on animals or even beautiful images. With these two solid beech end caps. This accessory allows you to showcase your most beautiful books, magazines, or notebook.

It is also an accessory that allows you to organize and store all your books. It allows you to tighten all your works together so that they stay in place. No more risk of them falling or being damaged. Practical, no?

The library bookend for Pegboard is also ideal for small spaces . It allows you to store your books without taking up too much space and without cluttering your interior. It's also a practical solution to hold your books in place on the Pegboard . It can also help create a tidy environment. By preventing your books from falling or spilling . Which can create clutter and make your work or living space less pleasing to the eye.

The bookend, an accessory with many advantages

Storage for books

Having a pegboard bookend can have many benefits in your living space.

  • First of all, it will allow you to have an elegant and practical storage system for your books. By attaching the bookends to the Pegboard, you can easily organize and store your favorite books while keeping your living space tidy.
  • In addition, Pegboard bookends are also versatile accessories that can be used to store other items such as magazines, folders or even documents that you want to have close at hand. This allows you to maximize the space available on your Pegboard and create custom storage space to suit your needs .
  • The Pegboard Bookend is also easy to set up and use . Simply attach the bookends to the Pegboard using the hooks provided and adjust them to suit the height of your books. This allows you to customize your storage space depending on the size and amount of books you want to store.
  • Finally, having a pegboard bookend can also add a decorative touch to your living space. The solid beech brings a minimalist touch that adapts to all interiors.

How it works ?

Bookend, how does it work?

The library bookend is easy to install and use . Simply slide it onto the Pegboard using the pins provided and secure it. It's also easy to move if you want to change the layout of your bookshelf. This is the advantage of modular storage ;) Coupled with our shelves available in different sizes, you can easily arrange them on your Pegboard for a stylish and tidy space.

Reminder: The bookend comes alone and needs to be paired with a Quark shelf to work.

A Made in France product

And yes , all our accessories are made in our workshop in Paris 19th. Besides, if you want to visit it, know that it is possible. You just have to make an appointment here is the link:

All our accessories are therefore made in France. There are several reasons why opting for a product made in France can be beneficial.

First of all, by choosing a product made in France, you are certain of its quality.

The bookend is made from solid French beech which is very important to us!

In addition, buying products made in France is helping to support the local and national economy . Indeed, this creates jobs in France and makes it possible to maintain skills and knowledge, not to lose know-how. By purchasing products made in France, you also contribute to reducing the carbon footprint by limiting the transport of products.

Buying products made in France can also be beneficial for the preservation of the environment . French companies often have stricter regulations when it comes to environmental protection and are often more concerned about their environmental impact . We are part of it, we try as much as possible to buy all our materials in France to limit our impact and stay in line with our values. By choosing products made in France , you are therefore helping to support a more sustainable and environmentally friendly industry.

Finally, buying products made in France also means consuming more ethically and responsibly. And all this is part of our values, we are a small company and we put our heart into the realization of the various Pegboards and accessories, which is why the made in France is particularly important to us.

The bookend made in Quark

Here is a small overview of the accessory in a little more detail: 

Bookcase storage for books

For optimal use, it must be paired with one of our pegboard shelves. You have several sizes here is the link for a little more detail:

The bookend is made up of two solid beech end caps which are drilled with 2 holes to accommodate the pins. And 4 steel pins to fix the end caps to the Pegboard.

This makes this bookend a rather minimalist accessory that adapts to any interior as well as any type of decoration . This is the advantage of Pegboards , you are the interior designer! Not only can you choose all your decoration, but you can also change your setups endlessly, at any time. With a busy style, books, plants, figurines, coat racks. You can do absolutely anything you want ! Same thing for all our accessories, it is thanks to your decoration and layout that it gives a very personalized style to your interiors. If you want to personalize them even more , and you like manual activities, it is possible to paint them.

In short, it's a versatile accessory , just like Quark. It offers a practical and stylish solution for storing your books and other items . They are easy to install and can add a decorative touch to your living space. If you're looking for a practical and aesthetically pleasing way to organize your storage space, a pegboard bookend is a great choice.

So are you convinced? Do not hesitate to give us your opinion in comments and to ask us questions if you ever have any! We are here to answer them! See you next week !

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