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Pegboards of the week

Today I'm telling you about a new challenge that Quark has set itself, and it's the Pegboards of the week.

A new concept put in place because we want to constantly stimulate our creativity. The goal is to produce a special Pegboard per week with a particular theme and which comes out of what we are used to offering.

In 2023 we will continue to explore new, atypical, interesting and inspiring forms. The goal: to keep the spark of the beginnings alive throughout the Quark team. In short, stay alive! At Quark we like challenges, and we especially like to set up projects and challenges as a team. And it was a great opportunity!

So what is a Pegboard?


Let's start at the beginning, what is a Pegboard. Here is our answer on this subject: a Pegboard is a perforated hardboard. Here, you are not very advanced 😄

The Pegboard is a modular storage solution. The system consists of drilling a board with regularly spaced holes.

The holes are designed to accommodate pegs, hooks, wooden dowels or even shelves, allowing you to store various objects according to your needs . Whether you want to create a storage space for your teas or jewelry, the Pegboard offers great flexibility. This system was first used in 1962 and is commonly used in retail to hold products for hanging using steel rods protruding from the board.

There, now you know everything!

A real passion

With Quark, we find the Pegboard to be an extraordinary item. Yes, quite simply. And now we want to share all the possibilities of the Pegboard with you. When you look at a board with holes, you quickly think that you can find an infinity of combinations!

Whether to decorate or store all your everyday objects, the Pegboard adapts perfectly to all uses.

We are working on new uses for this item. They are simply endless. So we have some time ahead of us. But the most important thing for us is to manage to share the Pegboard and to create together the Quark System! Yes, there is ambition here.

A new challenge

Since we are passionate about Pegboards and like challenges, we want to push our limits. During a team meeting we had the idea of ​​exploring shapes, materials and textures for our Pegboards. The concept of the Pegboards of the week was born. We therefore produce one Pegboard per week. These Pegboards are out of the ordinary and thus open up new perspectives. So why take on such a challenge as a team?

It's important for the entire Quark team to always innovate and test new things. This develops the creative spirit as well as the team spirit. It also allows you to never fall asleep and to always come up with new concepts. In addition, this challenge creates a bond in the team. It is a moment of meeting where the whole team can give its opinion. We also listen to our community. We obviously seek your opinion through our social networks. Indeed we like to talk to you. We want to understand your expectations and discover with you the products of tomorrow. This is very important to us and this is how Quark is growing.

The Pegboard of the week is therefore a great team effort that includes all the Quarkos! If you want to participate and follow this challenge and all our projects, you can follow us on instagram 👍

The Pegboards

Here are the Pegboards we've produced since we launched the challenge:

Week #1 Pegboard


The goal was to change the matrix of our Pegboard. Usually we use a 3 cm matrix. This week, we therefore propose a grid with a pitch of 6cm. We produced a series in December at the request of customers.

The idea is excellent. It's a small step aside. But we realize that this transformation takes the Pegboard away from its industrial aspect. And it gives it a whole new look. The mesh of points is erased in favor of the raw material: wood. This gives it a more minimalist and therefore more refined look that some people might like a lot.

In short, a first Pegboard of the week that thinks outside the box while remaining simple and stylish.

Not all accessories are compatible due to a more spaced grid, however if you select them well you can still find your happiness :)

The Pegboard of the week #2

Panneau perforé flaque

The goal is to create an original Pegboard that changes from what we can usually offer but while keeping the minimalist side of our Pegboards! With its almost molecular rounded shape and sleek design, it is perfectly in tune with the times and allows you to give a touch of originality and novelty to your interior.

For this second Pegboard of the week we wanted to create a unique and stylish product. The challenge is to create a new shape but keeping the minimalism of the Pegboard. So that customers can use it with ease and can place all the accessories they want on it. In short: create a sober design and practical Pegboard. Mission accomplished ✅

On this model, the grid is a classic grid, (With a step of 3cm), all the accessories are compatible.

Seashell #3

Pegboard coquillage

For this Pegboard, the inspiration is simple. We miss summer so to wait, we created a Pegboard of the week in the shape of a shell to remind us of the sea. For this one, we decided to represent a particular shape and have a little fun!

With its scallop shell shape and its green color, this gives us a Pegboard that combines the two elements: water and earth. It is a first for Quark to create such a particular and unique Pegboard. And that earned us several attempts in the workshop before arriving at a satisfactory result!

In short, a brand new pegboard that takes inspiration from the elements, with a clean design and a lot of work to give it its shell look. On this model the grid is a classic grid, (With a step of 3cm), all the accessories are compatible.

The Puzzle #4

Panneau perforé puzzle

Inspired by the puzzle, we went even further! We have created the first Pegboard that can be assembled and disassembled. This Pegboard of the week is like the puzzle. Again, the possibilities are endless. We want to innovate even more and this week we bring you an even more modular pegboard. Its design, fun and colorful appearance will make it the ideal companion for your future laboratory!

This unique Pegboard allows you to combine decoration and a fun colorful storage system while keeping the minimalist side. With its four colors, it gives a touch of gaiety to your interior.

As with all our other Pegboards, you can add accessories to store and decorate as you wish. Because on this model the grid is a classic grid, (With a step of 3cm), all the accessories are compatible.

In short, a new innovative, creative Pegboard of the week with a Montessori game side that you might like!

Yin-Yang #5

Pegboard yin-yang

Discover our new Pegboard of the week: the Yin-Yang Pegboard. Inspired by a Zen atmosphere, we have chosen to create to bring a touch of softness to our catalog. At the beginning of the design we wanted to create a contrast with the job and the black. And that's where the idea of ​​Yin-Yang was born. A symbol that is important to us and also very aesthetic.

This Pegboard gave us a hard time because some parts, especially on the thin part of Yin and Yang. It was therefore one more challenge, which of course was brilliantly achieved by the Quark team.

✅We liked this project because it is still off the beaten path. It is this curiosity and this desire to always innovate that leads us to offer you a Pegboard like this one.

As with all our other Pegboards, you can add accessories to store and decorate as you wish. Because on this model the grid is a classic grid, (With a step of 3cm), all the accessories are compatible.

Diamonds #6

Panneau perforé losangepanneaux perforés losanges

This sixth Pegboard is directly inspired by the Carnival of Venice. With an assembly system like a puzzle, these little diamonds can be assembled and disassembled to create the atmosphere you want. We want to experiment with new geometric shapes because they are visually very interesting but also very aesthetic shapes for the home.

With its diamonds of different colors it is possible to vary very easily and change in the blink of an eye.

As with all our other Pegboards, you can add accessories to store and decorate as you wish. Because on this model the grid is a classic grid, (With a step of 3cm), all the accessories are compatible.

Bear #7

Pegboard ours

And finally the last on the list (for the moment 😉) is the Pegboard bear. Inspired by the animal world, we wanted to test shapes for the world of childhood. So we chose the theme of animals. It is simply perfect for evoking dreamlike universes. This Pegboard is ideal for a child's room, a playroom, or even in the bathroom.

Its cute shape and neutral color allow you to add a touch of originality to your interior.

All accessories are compatible with this Pegboard so you can have endless fun and decorate and store your interior as with any other Pegboard.

I finally finish this first presentation of the Pegboards of the week. The project continues and I will take up my pen in a few weeks to share with you the rest of this adventure. You can follow the Pegboards of the week project live on Instagram

And of course, I'm counting on you to share your ideas with us in the comments to this article! I hope you enjoyed these custom pegboards. We can't wait to show you what's next.

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