DIY in concrete: 5 objects to create

DIY en béton : 5 objets à créer - Quark

Are you looking for concrete DIY? Do you hear about concrete around you? We have put together a small list of concrete objects for you to make yourself to keep you busy! You can then put your creations on your Pegboard! So let's get to work now 💪

Pegboard for DIY Concrete

Obviously, not all achievements have the same degree of difficulty. However, we are convinced that you will find what you are looking for. So, on your marks, ready... DIY !

Concrete and DIY

DIY in concrete: the candle holder  

The video is in English, but the images speak for themselves. 4 pieces of wood, 4 candles, concrete and that’s it! A pretty DIY concrete candle holder that you can size as you wish. Adapt it to the number of candles you want to integrate. That is to say from one to infinity!

DIY in concrete: the photo frame

Still in English (yes, what do you want), the images here also speak for themselves. the photo frame has a sophisticated mold. But we are convinced that we can make it simpler like the man with the candle holder in the video just above. Then when you do it yourself, there's always a bit of improvisation the first few times, right? In any case, it will make a pretty photo frame that goes with all the decorations! It’s DIY in concrete!

DIY in concrete: the plant pot

    This time it’s in French! And with tools within everyone's reach (children refrain). The concrete planter will embellish your floral creations and it's a change from the traditional pots that everyone has.

    The concrete vase (but which also serves as a candle holder)

    Still on the indoor gardening theme, this video (without words) shows you in a very simple way how to make a concrete vase. But it can also be a candle holder! In any case, it doesn't require a lot of resources. So go for it! It's a good idea to get your hands dirty.

    DIY in concrete: the concrete lamp

    The lamp isn't a piece of cake. When it talks about electricity, it immediately takes us back a step. This video broadcast by France 3, nevertheless shows that it is not difficult to create a concrete lamp yourself and the result is great! After that it remains subjective, that's for sure... What do you think?

    In any case, we look forward to your creations! Don't hesitate to share them on Instagram by tagging Quark or send them to us in DM.

    See you soon Quarkos for future decorating ideas!

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