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7 unexpected ways to decorate with the Pegboard

It used to be the stuff of garages and DIY workshops, synonymous with utility and flawless organization. With a piece of board and a few hooks, you could hang anything from keys to packing tape. But now there are no limits! The Pegboard is making a comeback in home decor. These wall shelves are really practical. They have been integrated into different rooms of the house in an unexpected and chic way. You can use a Pegboard purely for its dimension and texture to refresh a piece of furniture . You can also Pegboard visual storage and organize your coffee mugs or display your personal trinkets. We hope these seven ideas make you want to add du Pegboard to your house.

Pegboard pour la cuisine - Quark

Preparing a cup of coffee

Copy the corner cafe and display all your favorite coffee mugs using a Pegboard. Feel free to do the same at the office. It's a great way to help your co-workers store their coffee mugs!
Bonus: it leaves a lot more room for your wine glasses in the kitchen cupboards!

Pegboard et Tasse a Cafe

Modern Bike Rack Pegboard

For small spaces that don't have room for bike storage, a Pegboard in your entryway can help. Black paint gives this corner of the apartment a clean look, while a barn door saves space and hides anything you don't want guests to see. The Bespoke Pegboard can really become a shocking asset to your layout.

Porte Velo Pegboard

Wake up your old furniture

Remember the ship-slamming craze ? Pegboards offer a subtle touch of similar texture. It can bring visual interest to a tired piece of furniture. Go ahead, use Pegboards to accent your furniture, from nightstand to wardrobe. You will easily be able to create a mid-20th century type modern room.

Pegboard sur un vieux meuble

Divide and conquer with Pegboard

Imagine half-wall dividing walls covered in Pegboard in his children's playroom. You can try this idea in any room of your house. In order to divide the space into two separate areas, you can place two shelves on either side of the room and then add Pegboard to the back of each unit. Children now use them as surfaces to create colorful rubber bands, also called Geoboard. It's fun and functional!

Zoom on a Geoboard made by Quark
Géoboard par Quark

Create a focal point

Instead of large wall art, try a Pegboard wooden. The Pegboard can be a great place to display decorative accessories, especially if framed. This will give it a trendy look by recalling the portraits of our castles. Just hang it on the wall, fill it with a few of your favorite things, and go.

Pegboard et point focal - Tableau

DIY a corner of the office

Add personality to your office or study space with a Pegboard. Blogger Aniko Levai, of Place of My Taste, explained how to turn an entire wall into a large shelf like a Bespoke Pegboard. Visually it is interesting and it will not blow your bank account. Painted shapes add personality, while various floating shelves allow you to change the layout later.

Pegboard sur-mesure Mur Entier

Expose a collection

Display your collection using a Pegboardas you can see in this photo. When you collect small items like rocks, matchboxes, or seashells, it can be difficult to display them with delicacy and style. Rather than cluttering up a side table or cabinet, accent them with a shadowbox on a dedicated Pegboard.

Pegboard et collection de pierres precieuses

There you go, you've just discovered seven ways to use a Pegboard at home. You can find more ideas in our store.
Now what is your favorite Pegboard, and do you have any other suggestions?

See you soon

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