Brutalism: architecture with badass design from the 60s

Brutalisme : l'architecture au design badass des années 60 - Quark

We have all met at least once in our lives this urbex and street art fanatic who spends his weekends wandering around in search of architectural gems. What he likes the most is Brutalism: badass design architecture from the 60s.

What is Brutalism? Architecture or Design?

Brutalism is an architectural movement composed of monumental concrete structures. Bam! The word systematically has its little effect. It's so stylish that Flavien Berger even made a song about it.

But then is it about design?

Brutalism is a very popular architectural style between the 50s and 70s. Same repetition of geometric shapes, absence of ornaments and concrete galore . A brief overview of the once turbulent love story between concrete and design.

Architecture Brutalism: Brutalism: badass design of the 60s

From concrete to Brutalism: architecture with badass design from the 60s

Discovered during Antiquity by the Romans, then forgotten over time, concrete developed again from the 19th century with, for example, the appearance of reinforced concrete (Big Up Bagarre we love you). The recipe is not very complicated: some aggregates (sand, stone, gravel), a little cement (limestone and clay), water, put everything in a large mixer, mix and you get concrete! In short, a very popular material because it is dense, strong and inexpensive.

Atypical architecture

The brutalist architectural movement emerged in the 1950s. The ravages of the Second World War were there. In England and Germany, nearly 70% of towns are razed. But we must now rebuild and if possible we must do it quickly and at a lower cost. Concrete's hour of glory has finally arrived! Architects will gradually fall in love with concrete and its raw side. It has the ability to take all kinds of shapes and its texture will bring about an architectural movement. It is indeed about brutalism and its design. One of the most famous figures of this movement is good old Le Corbusier. He is particularly known for the Cité radieuse of Marseille (initiated in 1947).

Brutalism Architecture and design - From Rotterdam, Netherlands - Brutalism

Brutalism Architecture and the most badass design of the century

Brutalism is a style that represents a break with more refined movements, such as fine arts. The abrupt style of Brutalsime and its concrete constructions is uncompromising. However, its physical properties in terms of texture, color and ease of use allow all kinds of creative daring. Architects play with shapes and the monuments created have the effect of monstrous battleships. They then embody the confidence and power of nations. Brutalism is uncompromising: it's the most badass style of the century.

This is how the somewhat dark attributes of brutalism take precedence. Our gaze therefore perceives them as defects. Finally, we associate it with bunkers, or even communist architecture , defined by unattractive, gray and charmless buildings. The construction of large suburban complexes is blamed on him. Brutalism is therefore accused of disfiguring cities and promoting social violence. We then remember from this movement, only the use of concrete, forgetting above all the creation of futuristic forms which characterize it.

Brutalism architecture with badass design - San Diego

Brutalism Architecture and raw design of the 60s

It was not until the 21st century and the destruction of brutalist buildings that historians and architects became aware of their cultural force. Since then, certain brutalist constructions have been classified as historical monuments. They are sometimes rehabilitated: “what began as a utopian project intended to design new buildings of public utility using the most cutting-edge techniques has, it seems, failed. Producing only ugly, inhumane buildings unfit for their purposes. These buildings, once considered monstrosities, are now national treasures. »writes the British newspaper The Telegraph.

In short, visionary, accused of all evils for several years, brutalism is the badass design architecture of the 60s . It today has many fans and inspires both interior decoration and everyday objects. It is therefore not at Quark that we would say the opposite!

Brutalism architecture with badass design - Monument Ilinden, Macedonia.
These movements and these shapes inspire us. I hope you enjoyed this stroll through the land of Brutalism and design ! Don’t hesitate to share your comments with me at the bottom of this article!

See you soon Quarkos!

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Merci pour cet article qui est très intéressent.
Nous voudrions acheter un appartement à Marseille qui est bâtis en 1960, même il a une histoire.
Donc il se trouve au dessus du port du Vallon des Auffes. Il y a eu les résistances pour le construire le grand bâtiment 500 appartements. Je me suis interprétée que d’en autre côté du Brutalisme,
c’a été nécessaire pour accroissement de la population dans l’époque.

Miwako Frotscher

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