Interior decoration: how to transform your house into a warm and stylish home

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Hello Quarkos! Are you ready to bring your home to life with a touch of interior design? Find out how to transform your house into a warm and stylish home. If you want to feel comfortable at home and create a space that suits you, then you've come to the right place!

Interior design is much more than just choosing colors and furniture, it is an expression of your personality, your lifestyle and your tastes. This is why it is important to think carefully before you start.

LIVING ROOM interior decoration

Using interior decoration is good for morale!

First, think about the function of each room: is it a place to relax, work or socialize? This will help you determine the mood you want to create. Next, choose a color palette that you like and that matches the mood you want to give to your interior design. Don't be afraid to play with textures and patterns to add depth to your decor.

Once you've determined the feel of each room, you can focus on furniture and accessories. Furniture should be functional and comfortable, while reflecting your personal style. Accessories, such as throw pillows, rugs and art, add pops of color and texture to your space. Don't forget indoor plants which bring a touch of greenery and freshness to your home! If you would like to know more here is a very interesting article on the subject:

Home Staging

Other times, all it takes is a few small changes that you can easily do yourself. Home staging actually corresponds to this inexpensive and rather easy technique which consists of reusing furniture that you already have by transforming it, by sanding or painting, for example. The technique is developing in order to help sell a property more easily by promoting its assets, the technique has entered the homes of individuals with few means but wishing to modify their interior decoration. But in all cases, the benefits will be notable and visible. Not to mention the pleasure it brings to take care of your decor. Getting your hands dirty, being able to simply say “it’s me who did it”. Anyone who has ever taken on this challenge will agree with us!

ROOM interior decoration

Meeting the different players in the world of interior design

And it is precisely for the magic that emerges from the decoration that we decided to explore this area. And to share it with you, through our blog. This is a first step which could then lead to a book, a sort of White Paper on Decoration!
We propose to meet the “artisans” of this decoration, whether they are designers, interior architects, decorators, creators, etc., so that they can share with us their secrets, their desires, their ways of working, their advice also to help everyone become “the designer of their own space”.
Everyone, each in their own art and counting on their experience, their training, their origins and their encounters, will allow us to penetrate this somewhat closed world, which is sometimes decoration and Design.

Pink: Interior Design and Decoration

Democratization of decoration

Long reserved for elites, we have been witnessing for some time a salutary democratization of Decoration. The broadcasts had a real impact popularizing this “art” and above all showing that it was within everyone’s reach! The emergence of large chain stores has also contributed to accentuating this phenomenon. By offering extremely stylish items at increasingly accessible prices. Some brands no longer hesitate to have their collections designed by recognized designers. Or to stage their production in order to inspire you. A way to make design a little more accessible to as many people as possible.
New modes of consumption are also on the rise, it is “second hand”. Sites like Bon coin or Vinted, among others, allow buyers to get their hands on second-hand designer pieces, often in excellent condition. Here are new ways to have fun at a lower cost! And to avoid excessive overconsumption by offering a second life to our objects. A way to respond effectively to several issues, including environmental protection.

Interior decoration: at a major environmental turning point

So, contrary to what one might think, there is no futility in decoration , but on the contrary great utility , particularly at a time when environmental issues are on the agenda for the development of decoration as one of the main leisure activities of the French. . To do this you have to use your decoration.

When for decades, our parents and grandparents bought furniture that would last a lifetime. That we were sometimes even passed down from generation to generation. The current era is one of incessant change. We get tired of a table or piece of furniture and we change it more and more often.

And the environment?

Plywood and plastic have replaced solid wood and the financial investments are much less important than before when you want to treat yourself to a dining room set.  

Good news for brands that are rubbing their hands. Also for consumers who have fun.

But less good news for the environment. Which suffers from the increased need for raw materials and these enormous quantities of wasted products.

Deco and Planet: the challenges

The whole challenge of Decoration in the twenty-first century will therefore be to reconcile these new modes of consumption with a more moderate use of raw materials and, above all, more responsible purchasing. Focus on products made locally with sustainable, ecological materials, with low VOC emissions. Because it is also about protecting consumers. Gone are the years when we did not worry about the possible harmfulness of paints, chipboard glues or varnishes. Not to mention asbestos and other materials that have been declared carcinogenic. We are now entering an era where well-being will intervene at different levels: if being comfortable at home requires pleasant and warm decor, living in a healthy environment will also come into play . We will have to juggle these two imperatives to curb them with the survival of our planet.

Last touch

Finally, for a personal touch, consider adding elements of your personal story. Whether it's family photos, travel souvenirs, or art you've collected, these items add warmth and personality to your home.

So, are you ready to embark on the adventure of interior decoration? Remember, decorating is a personal and creative matter, so let your instincts guide you and have fun!

And don't forget to share your decorating tips in the comments below, we love discovering new ideas for decorating our homes.

Our mission

“Our mission, to all of us, if we accept it…” will therefore be to ensure that decoration, while fulfilling its mission of “enhancing life” , contributes to the protection of nature. 'environment . A hell of a program, you might say, which deserves all goodwill to come together.

And at Quark, we are delighted to take on the challenge, with you of course! So, don’t hesitate to join us, read us, share your experiences. Because it is together that we will be able to go even further in this magical world... that is Decoration!

The Pegboard in the decoration

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