Deco Meeting #24: Studio Ammo and the influence of maritime design

Rencontre Déco #24 : le Studio Ammo et l'influence du design maritime - Quark

Today we are going to meet the Ammo studio. Let's discover the two people behind this design studio dedicated to exclusive pieces. Their inspiration draws its strength from maritime design, Morbihan and the sun. Thanks to Romain Pierrot and Justine Fournier for this exchange and now let's discover their journey.

A school brimming with talent

Justine Fournier

Let's start with Justine . She studied at the Condé school, starting with a bachelor's degree in product design. Then she continued with an ENSAAMA master Olivier de Serres.

Justine Studio Ammo maritime design
Justine, co-founder and artistic director of Studio Ammó

Romain Pierrot

Romain trained at the Condé school in product design. Then he went on to a master's degree in project management.

Romain Studio Ammo maritime design
Romain, co-founder and production manager of the Ammó studio

The school of Condé

The Ecole de Condé is a school of reference in design, illustration, photography, animated film and heritage restoration. It's The Place To Be for future designers. The school's objective is to create the right conditions for the emergence of new talents. The feedback is positive and shows that great energy is invested in new research projects. There is also a scholarship system for the most deserving students.

The connection between the designers did not take place at school as we might think. Indeed, this meeting took place later, during a particular event.

A meeting for a trophy

It was after leaving the Condé school that the two creators of the Ammo studio met. Everything happens during the competition offered by Maison du Monde. The subject of the competition was about sustainable creation. Justine and Romain joined forces during the event for a joint proposal.

Studio Ammo yellow pedestal table
colorful pieces

The objective of the Maison du Monde competition is to reward students and young designers through the promotion of eco-design. They reward students with four prizes:

  • The “furniture” prize: a check for €2,500, the possibility of doing an internship within the teams of designers at Maisons du Monde and the creation of the prototype.
  • The “Decoration and household linen” prize: a check for €2,500 and the possibility of doing an internship with the team of designers.
  • The special FSC price: to promote certified furniture
  • The “Like it” public prize: all of the shortlisted projects will be presented on the Maisons du Monde Facebook page . The project that receives the most “likes” will win an endowment of €500 in Maisons du Monde vouchers.

The Bonnie and Clydes of design

Justine and Romain realized their complementarity during this competition. After talking with them, I realize how their differences are obvious. They have a very close-knit mode of operation and are found in maritime design.  

Studio Ammo empty pocket
Tinted storage compartment

Romain is much more focused on technique thanks to his studies in engineering school. He loves experimenting with new techniques. On the other hand, Justine is more conceptual. She prefers to use her imagination and pencil to develop drawings. In their mode of operation, Justine draws and Romain sees if the project is feasible. They then start manufacturing if the project is realistic.

Their duo is aligned thanks to their common references and their inspirations. They love and admire the same things. This allows them to quickly get to the point. There is a symbiosis between the manufacturing part and the creation part. Justine and Romain are a bit like the Bonnie ans Clyde of design.

An inspiration in maritime design

Justine and Romain's inspirations are clear. They come from many walks of life. First of all there is the maritime design, Morbihan, its landscape, the ocean, the coasts and of course the vegetation. They like to experiment with new activities. We understand better their taste for surfing. This sporting activity allows them to discover new territories. It's a way of traveling close to their hearts.

Ammo studio mirror
Mirror Dipló

The Ammo duo likes to discover and try new activities. It is thanks to this that they create ever more amazing projects.

maritime design

The design of the Ammo studio is defined as enthusiastic and soft. Justine and Romain particularly like the lightness in the curves. Their working method starts from elements resulting from their inspirations.

One observes at a glance on their work their oceanic mantra . The purity of their creations is visible no matter who looks at their work. I like to call it maritime design. They don't want to distort the thing that inspired them. They want their design to stay true to what they saw.

Their dreams

The Ammo studio is overflowing with dreams . They want to make them. They have a constant objective: to always see bigger. Justine and Romain shared with us one of their future project: making paper lights . It's about creating an entire wall of paper light fixtures. Nice no?

Ammo Studio Light
Neptune light fixture

Collaborations do not scare them. This is an opportunity for them to enrich themselves. Both technically and spiritually. Indeed, they already feed each other on a daily basis. But their thirst for learning is a driving force in meeting others. So why stop there?

Team work

The Ammo studio is above all a team effort. This allows them to go faster and further. Indeed, the exchange allows them to advance the project when one of them blocks. This brings another vision of the project and allows them to put all their chances on their side to carry out their projects.

This is particularly felt in the manufacturing part. They thus obtain the perspective necessary for the proper functioning of the project. They can thus respond to more complicated problems. We can appreciate this technical mastery with regard to their previous creations.

French noble materials

Justine and Romain regularly advocate the use of noble French materials. This is obvious to them. They flourish in their business thanks to this approach. It's a chance for them to touch noble materials. They cultivate short circuits to find partners.

This goes hand in hand with their conceptual and poetic projects. Their maritime design makes more sense by using materials they love with greater added value.

Studio Ammo candle holder
Kiro candle holder

Without forgetting that it is also part of their personal values. They are therefore not among those who abuse the term “Made In France” .

Eco-responsible materials

Their personal values ​​are centered on their inspirations. Above all, they want to draw an exclusive design that conveys inspiration. They are particularly sensitive to global warming. It is therefore obvious for them to work on eco-responsible materials. They wish as much as possible to highlight materials that have the least possible impact on the environment.

  • A short circuit: to avoid greenhouse gas emissions in order to protect our environment.
  • Made in France: this is a unique know-how, when you consume locally you participate in the economy of your country and you support French industry.

How to Follow Studio Ammo

You can follow Ammo studio via their @ammo_designstudio Instagram account . It is worth the detour! You will discover the influence of maritime design and the secrets of their workshop. I particularly enjoyed the assembly of their Pandora side table. They do not hesitate to highlight the materials with which they work. It is also a space of expression on which they stage their designs and their way of working. You will discover their inspirations through colorful, dynamic and soft photos.

Instagram Studio Ammo

They exhibit their objects from time to time in nice places! They post regularly about it. Currently they have a summer shop until July 3: Place Tranape in Rueil-Malmaison. Do not hesitate to take a tour to discover their universe and give us your opinion!

Influencers and Creators

Supakitch Instagram


The essential ocean representation for the swimming fan duo.

sebzanella instagram
Because Justine and Romain particularly like the surfer mood!
It's a good way to dream of being on vacation when you're at work!
chloe isaac instagram

This is the ceramic partner of the Ammo studio. Each of the pieces establishes a feeling of purity. Hence the logic of working with Justine and Romain. Chloé works her objects between Paris and Montreal.
elisa brouet instagram
Elisa is the duo's partner for the illustrations. You can see at a glance why!
The colors used inspire the vegetation. She also creates textile design.

laroseguyon instagram
Each object tells a specific poetry, being assembled by hand. These are lights, furniture or sculptures full of meaning.
ferreol babin instagram
Because as we saw previously, the material is the criterion on which the duo would not flinch on their creations. We can see here an exceptional work of the material.


elo villaon instagram
Each photo is authentic and highlights the most beautiful landscapes of Brittany! Elodie captures moments with film and takes a liking to showcasing craftsmanship.
remington matters instagram

Because this is the Ammo studio's dream workshop!
iamfm instagram
Because it is an incredible and relentless work of a visual designer.

A studio in step with the times

At Quark we are sensitive to all the values ​​of Studio Ammo and their maritime design . Especially when designers work on sensitive subjects while cultivating an original aesthetic. Studio Ammo uses its audience and talent to convey important messages to us for an entire generation. We find an important convergence in the world of design with Ekhi Busquet . You have to dare to speak up when you have a voice that carries. Expose yourself to defend the climate cause. This raises many questions. How can we produce while limiting our impact? What are the best practices? We are happy to highlight young talents who are committed. We wish a great adventure to Studio Ammo!


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