Met Deco #12: Emilie Migault, part 3, discover where her creativity comes from

Rencontré Déco #12 : Emilie Migault, partie 3, découvrez d'où vient sa créativité - Quark

Here is the last part of the interview with Emilie Migault. She reveals her decoration desires, her favorite addresses and links us to well-being and decoration.

Do you have a project that you dream of realizing one day?

I would love to have to decorate a hotel but I don't yet have the notoriety that allows me to access this kind of project. But decorating a hotel with all the different rooms would be a lot of fun for me. I don't want to make a big sanitized hotel with all the rooms on the same concept. What I would like is a small Parisian hotel with each room having its own universe.

In your opinion, what are the benefits that decoration can bring? How can decoration improve our well-being?

This is the principle of Feng shui, an ancient Chinese art. He defends the idea that harmonizing the environmental energy of a place promotes the well-being, health and prosperity of its occupants. In a world in perpetual change, whether economically or on a more personal scale, the habitat becomes a place of refuge. I am very much in favor of the “nest”. Let me explain: I need to feel extremely good in my own home. It's something that I want to give to the customers who call me.

I really think that the universe in which we find ourselves can bring a certain serenity. It is extremely important to feel consistent with the place where we live, that it resembles us. This is why we must not impose our style on our customers. You have to adapt to their tastes and desires. The habitat must reflect the individual and his life path. It must adapt to the sensations that it seeks to satisfy.

Do you have accounts or brands that you would recommend to our readers that link well-being and decoration?

When it comes to canapes, I love Marie's corner. I also like what Maxalto and B&B Italia are doing.

It is important to take care of the details on a construction site. For example, curtain rods, light switches, door and furniture handles. It is by these kinds of little things that we recognize a successful and sharp construction site. I love the switches from the company Meljac. These are metal switches with small push buttons or teardrop buttons that have an absolutely perfect finish and sobriety.

For door handles, furniture hardware, bathroom accessories, coat hooks etc… “La Quincaillerie”, in Paris, has a very nice selection.

Rare Series

The “Série Rare” brand in the same field makes magnificent things in cast bronze with custom-made patinas of all kinds. We can choose much more modern black patinas, or patinas in keeping with the finish of the Meljac switches, for example. The golden patinas, a little more flashy, adapt perfectly to the Art Deco universe, and give a certain prestige to the whole. This is what I installed on one of my last construction sites and it is really magnificent.


In terms of faucets, I really like what Ondyna is doing with the Cristina collection. These are fairly sober and pretty lines, of good quality. Prices are still very reasonable. There are also much more prestigious brands (Dornbracht, Alape for bathroom furniture, etc.) with very attractive products but which quickly raise the cost of a construction site.

Regarding outdoor lighting, the Roger Pradier brand makes products with a nice design and remarkable quality.

For interior lighting, I like to offer my customers Hind Rabii products, in particular the old collection from which we choose the finishes and materials. I also work a lot with Voltex, which offers all the major brands of beautifully crafted lighting.

The PH collection brand, with whom I work a lot, offers an interesting choice of sober and refined furniture. They are very warm. We can choose the colors of the materials used (steel, wood). It's always very interesting to work with brands that are able to offer several finishes to adapt to the tones of a construction site and other materials.

In terms of paint, Farrow and ball, Ressource or Little Green. These brands have made their reputation thanks to the subtlety of their colors and the depth of the color rendering and finishes.

- Sofa: Marie's corner, Maxalto and B&B Italia
- Small details:

  • meljac switches
  • Door handles "la Quincaillerie" in Paris and the brand "Série Rare"

- Taps: Ondyna, Cristina collection
- Exterior lights: Roger Pradier
- Interior lights: Hind Rabii (the old collection), Voltex
- Custom furniture: PH Collection
- Paint: Farrow and ball, Little Green, Resource

Do you think an object should be mono-function or rather multi-function like quark's Pegboard? And what do you think of the Pegboard? Does it contribute to well-being in the decoration?

I think it's a very nice idea. I always love ideas that make everyday objects design. The Pegboard is simply the board I have in my DIY workshop, where all my tools are installed. I find it very interesting to reinvent objects in a design way. Multifunctional objects are the future! The spaces are now getting smaller and smaller. I see Quark's objects very well in a child's or adult's bedroom, in the office space or even in a kitchen. These are beautiful modern and minimalist products.

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Interview by Clara Didier

Formatting by Coralie Mottu


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