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a wall shelf: the essential for your home

Looking for a wall shelf but having trouble deciding? Discover this essential object of the house with Quark. I suggest you start with a simple definition of wall shelf. We will then see the different variations of this decorative object!

Wall shelf definition

The wall shelf is an object that can be described as standard for your home. It is a simple and practical object that allows you to store objects while highlighting your collections. We've all spotted wall shelves that are both stylish and practical. The wall shelf dates back to the time when furniture was still rare in homes. This decorative object has become fashionable thanks to the birth of apartments and the resulting lack of space. The description of a wall shelf is simple: these are stacked shelves hung high on a wall.

wall shelf

Now that you know the origins of the wall shelf, here is an interesting list of the different uses you can give it:

  • Decorative object in your living room,
  • Storage solution for your spices in your kitchen,
  • Bedside table in your bedroom,
  • Storage of care products in your bathroom,
  • Office organization solution.

IKEA wall shelf: the classic

You surely have one at home, certainly from the Swedish giant: IKEA. The wall shelf offered by IKEA is a reference on the market. The brand is known for its efficient objects and its aggressive prices. It is impossible for you to leave the premises without a new object for the house. But the IKEA wall shelf is also famous for its depth of range. IKEA products fit into many interiors. Indeed, they can be modern, traditional or even a mixture of both. In addition, they are at unbeatable prices.

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Shelf without drilling by IKEA

Unfortunately, IKEA does not yet offer a no-drill shelving for the less handy among you. The expression shelf without drilling is an optical illusion. These are the wall shelves whose screws are hidden by the object. This is the case with the Quark Pegboards. Screws are hidden in the four corners of the Pegboard wall shelf. This gives the illusion of an object floating against your wall.

une étagère sans vis
etagère murale en forme d'arche

World House Shelf

Competitor in Sweden shows fangs about wall shelves. I'm talking about the Maison du Monde shelf. The company offers simple and original shapes. You will discover a range of wooden objects with industrial influences and much more.

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Single wall shelf

Globally, the major brands offer the same solution to our needs. But the rendering will be different from one distributor to another. This is a classic piece found everywhere. Very simple in appearance, it is difficult to make it unique and attractive. Mainly because it is by dressing it that it becomes interesting. A simple appearance wall shelf can make your daily life simpler and more beautiful.

gros plan sur un mur

Designer shelf

In recent years we have seen the appearance of designer shelves. Because yes, designers are also interested in your daily life. This allows them to have fun with curves, colors or shapes. Don't be afraid to show off a simple element in your living room with inspiration from a designer.

étgaère design

Kitchen wall shelf

A wall shelf fits everywhere. The most practical is in the kitchen. Indeed, it allows you to save space on your work plan. In addition, it is a time saver for your spring cleaning.

une cusine et du rangement design

Wooden shelf

Now let's talk about the one that piques your hearts: the wooden shelf. Existing since the dawn of time, it brings back the charm in winter and the sun in summer. Easy to find or to create (even for young handymen), it knows how to tickle your curiosity. Because yes, it requires little equipment and little budget. All you have to do is roll up your sleeves!

étagère en bois

Industrial wall shelf

The great novelty of recent years is: the industrial wall shelf. The perfect blend of tradition and modernity, it fits perfectly into every interior. Will it dethrone the famous wooden wall shelf? Only time will tell us.

ambiance rangement industriel

Wall shelf

Simplicity sometimes wins the hearts of consumers: wall shelves.

Indeed, a simple board hung on the wall ticks the boxes of aesthetics and practicality. This allows you to put several and vary the pleasures thanks to the colors. You can modify them according to your desires. Overall a simple object has great powers in your interiors!

tablette murale et design

Small shelf

In a world that has become increasingly minimalist, small shelves have their place. Indeed, we do not talk enough about their sizes. There are enough to find your perfect format.

petite étagère

Hanging shelf

Don't forget to note that it's the hanging shelf that makes it practical. It allows you to elevate decoration, souvenirs or even kitchen utensils. This is an easy way to save space in your living space. That's the whole point of using them.

étagère suspendue

Floating shelf

Our floating shelf on our walls is therefore full of surprises. It reinvents itself every season and adapts to each situation.

une étagère flottante et design

Rectangular wall shelf

Very often wall shelves are rectangular. In fact, some people have fun playing with shapes. Slowly starting to make itself known in the form of a circle, it can still prepare surprises for you.

étagère suspendue

Living room shelf decoration

Let's not finish without talking about the favorite use of the wall shelf: the decoration of the shelf for your living room or other. This is our favorite part. The customization of our wall that loses its sordid look! So have fun, highlight objects that are important to you, prepare the atmosphere you want to give it. It's all about showcasing your personality within your home.

un mur végétal sur étagère
Do not hesitate to ask us questions about the different storage solutions, we will be happy to answer you!
See you soon Quarkos
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