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Today we present to you the interchangeable Cloud, Heart, Sun shelf for Pegboard! A fun and practical accessory! You have always dreamed of a small shelf to place your everyday objects or your decoration. Nothing better than a small shelf to add to your Pegboard. This one might inspire you!

sun shelf for Pegboard

Wall shelves for storing and decorating your interior

Wall shelves have been a real trend for several years. And for good reason ! Practical and aesthetic; This solution allows you to store your care products, makeup or even place decorations. They are perfect for dressing up your walls and saving space. Among them, the Pegboard stands out. With its raw and modern look, it fits perfectly into the current trend and brings you a touch of originality. The Pegboard is a board with regularly spaced holes . The holes are used to accommodate dowels, hooks, wooden pins or even shelves. These elements will allow you to arrange various objects. It is ideal for creating spaces in your interior. Tea palace or jewelry holder, it's up to you!

With Quark , we find the Pegboard to be an extraordinary object. Yes, quite simply. And now we want to share all the possibilities of the Pegboard with you. When you look at a board with holes, you quickly realize that you can find an infinite number of combinations!

Do you want to make a jewelry display? The Pegboard is perfect for this . Do you want to make a vertical bar? The wall shelf is the ideal solution . Do you want to create a wall-mounted green space? Our perforated panel instantly adapts to your needs . We are working on new uses for this object. They are simply infinite. So we have some time ahead of us. But the most important thing for us is to be able to share the Pegboard and create the Quark System together ! Yes, there is ambition here.

Interchangeable shelf Cloud, Heart, Sun, For Pegboard by Quark

interchangeable heart shelf for Pegboard

This shelf has been designed to accommodate your everyday objects while decorating your interior. Hanging from your Pegboard; in the entrance, or in your bathroom, it perfectly dresses a room by giving it a touch of color and a fun and decorative side. Thanks to its soft and rounded design, which contrasts with the shelves that can usually be found at Quark which are very square, very straight, with very sharp angles.

We wanted to create an accessory that brings a little roundness to our world. Many customers are looking for a little softness in everyday life. It is a form that fits into the aesthetics of the moment. There is a movement around organic forms . Your modular shelf gives your interior a trendy side and thus develops a cozy atmosphere that everyone agrees on. In short, it is a reassuring design in its form. This modular accessory will give a taste of freedom to your interior!

It will also make it possible to delimit areas and provide a reading grid on the Pegboard with themes (The Cloud, the Heart and the Sun) discernible at first glance. It allows you to modulate your interior a little more finely in a very simple way with easily interchangeable themes .

To go a little further…

The cloud, heart, sun shelf is a shelf that immediately catches the eye . In the context of a store , it is an ideal display . It will allow you to highlight a favorite product, with the “heart” background for example. You can also take it out on Valentine's Day. This wall shelf will give meaning and mark the theme of the place of sale. This will facilitate the understanding and readability of several products. The shelf will alert your customers at first glance. We will come and find an object, a product that carries this theme.

And even in a child's room

The Cloud, Heart, Sun shelf for Pegboard is perfect for a child's bedroom. The shelf will therefore provide a way for the child to communicate about his emotions. For example, it's the weekend, he will choose to put on a sun because he is happy and playful. Or he will choose the cloud because he feels a little half-hearted . In short, he himself can choose how to organize and decorate his room . It's a great freedom for children and it can become a tool to allow them to take their own emotional temperature and adapt their Pegboard accordingly. Thanks to the different patterns, the child will be able to learn to better communicate their emotions in a fun and creative way.

At Quark we already offer colored Pegboards which allow you to add a touch of color and match your current moods. And the shelf can also allow you to add a reading grid on the Pegboard, immediately adding an atmosphere . Typically, if your Pegboard requires jewelry holders, for example, having a shelf with a cloud, a heart or a sun will completely change the appearance of the Pegboard itself. On the other hand, it's interesting to have this option, to be able to still modulate a little finely what we're trying to create as an atmosphere in the room with these small plates which are very easy to interchange. This adds a little finesse to what we want to tell the Pegboard.

An interchangeable shelf

In addition, you can choose the theme according to your desires. A cloud, if flying in the sky has always fascinated you, a heart if you want to share your love, and a sun if you are impatiently awaiting the return of sunny days like us ;)

It's up to you ! The different themes are interchangeable thanks to a small slot located at the bottom, on the linear part of the shelf. You are the master of your decoration! And if your heart is celebrating and your head is in the clouds you can always add various shelves to your Pegboard. The little cloud, heart, sun pads that you slide in are very easy to use, it's very easy to swap with a single gesture . You now have three shelves in one, which allows you to have a decoration that can vary very simply . For occasions, parties or even on a whim.

Unusual shelves

These little shelves are special because they are in your image , they evolve, they change mood or style according to your desires. It is an accessory with reassuring shapes, good design and simplicity of use. So, no need to take the day off to change your decoration! So in 2 or 3 movements, that’s it! You can therefore interchange them endlessly. With just two pins to attach to the Pegboard, you can insert the element (Cloud, Heart, Sun) of your choice and that's it!

For you or for your children, its little shelves are real chameleons of decoration. They can therefore find their place in all interiors. Finally, these are little gems of the 3D printer. And yes we use a 3D printer to create all our accessories! And what’s more, it happens in our workshops in Paris. Small detail that's a pleasure: our products are made in France, in our workshop! Which necessarily makes them unique :)

cloud shelf for Pegboard

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you have, we will be happy to help you create the Pegboard best suited to your needs!

The Quark team

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