Make a wooden geoboard for children in DIY mode

Fabriquer un Géoboard en bois pour enfants en mode DIY - Quark

Do you have young children preparing for back to school ? Are you looking for a DIY activity to do with them ? Discover a DIY activity: making a wooden Geoboard at home!

But what is a Geoboard?

Are you a fan of positive education and Montessori -type concepts?

You will love 😁 😁 the Geoboard!

The Geoboard is a fun tool that allows children to discover the world of geometry in space . This way children can learn complex concepts in a fun way. The Geoboard allows them to develop their cognitive functions and the manipulation of objects in space.

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With a Geoboard you will help your children understand many concepts related to geometry in space :

  • make plane shapes
  • translation concepts
  • rotation
  • thinking about the similarities
  • coordination
  • addition
  • right angles
  • repeating patterns
  • classification
  • scaling
  • position
  • area and perimeter

But a Geoboard goes much further than that! It's not just about geometry and abstract concepts. A wooden Geoboard means developing your taste for discovery and your taste for manipulating objects.

Getting started with making a DIY Geoboard

You will need a little bit of material to make your Geoboard with your children:

  • 1 wooden board
  • 1 wood drill
  • 1 wood drill bit
  • Some wooden sticks
  • Rubber bands

Making a DIY wooden geoboard

With Quark we took advantage of a little time during the summer to make a wooden Geoboard in our workshop . Find our tutorial video . This is the easiest way to see the entire manufacturing process . Don't worry if you don't have much equipment at home! You don't need to sand the wood with an electric sander for example. We started from a scrap of wood which was in a very poor condition. But for your part, you can take a more quality piece of wood. Just avoid splinters for children.

Do you want to try an online Geoboard?

If you are interested in Geoboarding but want to familiarize yourself with the concept first, we have a solution for you.

Discover this site:

This is a small online application, it is easy to use and it will allow you to try out the functions of the Geoboard .

Online Geoboard application

On the other hand, we must warn you, it will not be the same for your children. The whole point of a Geoboard lies in manipulating it, playing with physical elements.

Share a moment with your children

Making a Geoboard with your children is a fun and friendly moment . It's a great way to create memories with them . And on top of that, creating a toy with your child will make this toy absolutely unique to them . It is an object of great sentimental value that he will keep by his side for a long time. So take the time to do this workshop with your child and build your most beautiful memories together.

We are here for you

If you have any questions about making a wooden Geoboard , about the tools or about the concepts around this wooden toy for children, do not hesitate to contact us . We will be happy to support you in carrying out this workshop. If you want to create a workshop in a class with several children, we can also support you in this process. Making a Geoboard is really very simple. Believe us, you have to get started.

Wooden Pegboard - Wall Shelf

And at worst, a hole next to it... This will give it its charm


See you soon


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