What is the definition of Made in France: uses and abuses

Quelle est la définition du Made in France : les usages et les abus - Quark

Consuming with your heart and your values ​​is an art. Without wearing the blue, white and red flag on our shoulder, the consumption of Made in France products has become an objective. Finally for some of us. But what is the definition of made in France? And why buy an object like a Pegboard in France? When there is another one who has traveled the entire world? For Quark , local and sustainable production is an important value in our approach. This is why we attach great importance to French production. We want to improve our know-how to offer you quality products .

The definition of Made in France?

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Made in France is a marking representing the manufacturing process of the product. This marking guarantees the origin of the product .

It is important to emphasize that “ Made in France ” does not mean that all the raw materials were produced in France.

It is sometimes difficult to find certain raw materials in France . For example cotton because it is very little cultivated in France. It is therefore almost impossible to find cotton made in 100% France.

As we have seen, some materials do not come from France. But the manufacturing of the finished product could absolutely be local.

What are the challenges of Made in France ?

The challenges of Made in France are multiple. We have the conservation of French knowledge. There is a loss of know-how which also leads to an increasingly limited vocation in certain economic sectors. This is also due to the fact that commercial investments are dedicated to services and less to production devices.

Made in France

Made in France has a challenge at the production level with real support for activity and control of social and environmental conditions. These issues have important social consequences. It is now a matter of focusing on excellence, product quality and guaranteeing consumer satisfaction.

Made in France is above all a civic act which includes a political question.

Some French people want to consume differently, which also helps preserve French know-how . However, are the French ready to resist the cost of manufacturing in France? It is fair in return to ensure better product quality and design.

Why consume Made in France ?

As you probably know, at Quark , all our Pegboards are made in France. But how can we guarantee Made in France? At Quark we have been keen to favor French craftsmanship since the beginning of our adventure. You probably know: French standards are among the strictest in the world. This is what makes Made in France products so high quality. Our Pegboards will therefore be able to stand the test of time alongside you.


But what really makes the difference between one French product and another is French know-how ! French excellence with its traditional manufacturing, its manufacturing secrets, its good finishes.

Here are four reasons to consume Made in France

  • French manufacturing is above all ecological

A Pegboard manufactured and consumed in France has a much lower environmental impact than a Pegboard that has traveled thousands of kilometers before reaching your space.

Indeed, the Made in France , unlike a Pegboard manufactured on the other side of the planet, will travel significantly fewer kilometers than a Pegboard manufactured in Asia or even Africa. And above all, it is the planet that thanks us.

Environmentally friendly

From China to France, for example, a Pegboard will travel around 10,000 km.

These 10,000 km traveled by plane, for example (the fastest mode), will release a lot of CO2. The carbon footprint is therefore gigantic.

According to the Independent Federation of Made in France ( FIMIF ): “importing a product into France generates 58% more CO2 emissions than a product manufactured in France. »

So buying local products is a guarantee of limiting the environmental impact of your purchases. For those who live in France, Made in France is a guarantee. The carbon footprint is much smaller when you consume locally. Whether it is fruit and vegetables, meat or fish or decorative objects like our Pegboards made in France.

  • Promote French know-how.

Consuming Made in France means supporting companies that are committed to local industries and artisans. It helps to preserve know-how and create jobs in France.

No forced labor, a guaranteed minimum wage, deducted working hours, mutual insurance now compulsory for each employee, occupational health... In short, by purchasing a product that has been shaped (or monitored on its production line) by a employee in France, you participate in the fair remuneration of employees .


With its own workshop, Quark preserves and transmits valuable know-how in the field of furniture on a daily basis. Ultimately, purchasing Made in France guarantees the preservation of jobs in France and contributes to the fight against the slowdown in artisanal and industrial activity.

  • Share common references

Deep within us, the desire to consume Made in France products also reveals the emotional bond that binds us to our childhood memories. At those moments shared in the family home, with our grandparents, at a time when Made in France was no exception. Has a deep attachment to the French territory, to its colors, to its patterns, to its sensoriality. At Quark , each manufacturing step finds its roots in France, including the inspiration.

  • To guarantee quality in your basket

Buying French brands means participating in maintaining traditional authenticity and quality. Handmade finishes , delicate and meticulous, tailor-made: here are some typical examples of French heritage in its most qualitative and rich aspects.

Thanks to the European Union and its various member countries, in France we have the strictest standards in the world , from an environmental point of view. These standards refer to both industries and their processes.

For example in France, discharges into the air and water from Installations Classified for Environmental Protection ( ICPE ) are monitored by inspectors from the Ministry of Ecology, in order to limit their impacts on the environment and not cause damaging and irreversible pollution in natural environments.


Let’s take the example of Pegboards again . If you buy a cheap industrial Pegboard from a supermarket, it will probably be made outside of France and largely made from plastic. Plastic is made from petrochemicals. Note that a continent of plastic waste three times the size of France floats on the seas.

A commitment to the environment

How to say it's made in France: The Pegboard Quark

As you will have understood, consuming Made in France is both a commitment to the environment, the French economy and your personal well-being. Consuming and buying French makes you a more engaged, caring citizen, concerned about the future and your environment.

It is all these arguments that convinced Quark to manufacture its Pegboards in France. I hope that you can now explain to your friends how to say that it is Made in France .

We have selected all of our partners for their know-how and technical mastery of the manufacturing of different raw materials which are very complex.

Do not hesitate to ask us your questions and discuss with us to promote local production in all sectors!

See you soon,

Pierre-Axel for Quark

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